DaKidRiz is an on the rise artist from Canton, Ohio. He has been perfecting his craft for a few years now and is finally reaping the benefits.He is not your typical artist. His need to give back to his community really resonates with people. He not only wishes to give back doing his philanthropist work, but he would like to continue growing his brand as well. Being a successful recording artist is only half of the mission for this go-getter.

Nonetheless each day has a new set of obstacles this young artist must adapt to. The music industry is ever changing and keeping up with its latest trends and culture is a must. DaKidRiz is dedicated to his craft and is anxious to see his future with music. He puts his soul into all of his projects. Anyone who listens to his work is drawn into his catchy melodic vibe.

DaKidRiz makes certified hit records that just need to reach the masses. He truly is a remarkable human being. He would love nothing more than to reach each individual and help them all manifest their goals and believe in themself. Make sure you follow this artist’s career. On his site you can personally contact him, keep up with his merchandise and see other information as well. In the meantime check his latest release “Humble Beginnings” now on all platforms. You will find this artist to be on the same level with the celebrities that are mainstream. His music is just that good. Check his content out and follow his journey.

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