Nicola Smith Jackson has always known the value of hard work and the importance of money. Born into an immigrant family, she learned about getting good grades and working hard. She was also taught to save and own a home. But like most mothers, Nicola wanted more time with my kids and also needed more money. 

To make ends meet, she began as an overworked hairstylist and college dropout. But after realizing that she has the potential to do and earn more, she shifted her career until she became a heart-centered serial entrepreneur with more than 25 years of experience in helping others thrive in life, money, and business. 

A Passion For Helping Others 

Nicola is the founder of the Pink Millionaire Club, a coaching program that mentors women on how to get out of the rat race of business to turn active income into passive income so they can have more time with family then retire younger, richer, and happier.  She also created the PINKPrint™, a wealth education system, and the Money Mansion, a financial ascension program that helps individuals to connect the financial dots between the haves and the have nots.

All these programs and systems under Nicola’s brand demonstrate her ability to make “money” an often complex subject.   She is a master at motivating people into action. Nicola is passionate about helping people, especially women, achieve financial intelligence and so they can have more options, opportunities, and freedom in life. 

Her work ethic is also influenced by her favorite quote: “Purpose doesn’t need permission.” Nicola adds, “This is what clarified my identity. I stopped looking for approval to pursue greatness. 

Her Vision to Make Meaningful Impact

One of the things that Nicola is passionate about is helping people create a growth mindset so they can develop their purpose and create a work-life balance.  She also helps people reach their full potential by empowering them with financial literacy, money management, and fostering economic development through understanding the importance of becoming investors not just consumers with the intention of creating generational wealth. 

Throughout her career, Nicola has helped over 450,000 become better entrepreneurs and financially literate. She has helped many discover freedom from conventional career paths. 

“Iʼve had the pleasure of helping thousands of people from over 30 countries throughout my career. My discovery from those experiences is that no matter the race, color, or creed everyone wants to feel significant and loved. They also want autonomy in life with a contribution and fulfillment,” she said. 

Nicola applies a holistic approach to wealth building that includes working on the spirit and mind before addressing beliefs around money in order to rid money blocks that may be preventing someone from having financial success. 

She also focuses her attention on ambitious women with children ages 30-60 who want to learn how to make, manage and multiply money without compromising their values or family.

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