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Meet Dave Sanz: The Famous DJ from Canada



David Xavier Sánchez is an Ecuadorian musician, businessman, and entrepreneur, who performs as a DJ under the name Dave Sanz. He is the founder and owner of The Daxsen Corporation holding company [1].

Born                 Dave Sanz

                         September 26, 1999 (age 22)

                         Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada


Occupation     Businessman, entrepreneur,

                         and musician

Title                 Founder and CEO of The

                        Daxsen Corporation


  1. Music Career
  2. Business Career
  3. References

Music Career

Dave Sanz began his musical career at the age of 15, when his fondness for technology inspired by his father, who was an engineer, led him to become a DJ [5].

Dave Sanz went from DJing at his friends’ parties to organizing private events of international stature with the birth of his company Daxsen in 2010, which started as a record label to launch his music career [3].

From there, Dave Sanz was able to collaborate with other DJs such as David Guetta, Cedric Gervais, and Albert Neve. In addition, he became a promoter of music events with the participation of other labels such as Hot Creations, Culprit, Get Physical, and Toolroom [5].

Dave Sanz turned his Daxsen company into a business conglomerate and in 2013 created a group of record labels called Daxsen Music Group [3].

He has the role of producer and engineer for international pop, dance, and hip hop projects [2], while he is the CEO and owner of The Daxsen Corporation [5].

Business Career

Dave Sanz is also an entrepreneur who has managed Daxsen Holding since its inception in 2010. In addition, he completed his university studies at the University of Southampton, Espiritu Santo University, International Business Management Institute, and ESNECA Business School [1].

Since 2010, Dave Sanz has established 60 affiliated brands within his holding company. The first was the Daxsen Music Group, which is a grouping of over 45 record labels [3].

This company has collaborated with artists such as Tiesto, Alesso, Steve Aoki, Armin Van Buuren, Dimitri Vegas, Hardwell, Tory Lanez, Migos, 2Chainz, Offset, Nicky Jam, Justin Quiles, Almighty, Reykon, Yomo, Darkiel, and Maffio [3].

Also, he has worked with producers such as Sagawhiteblack, Maffio, Bullnene, Mosty, and Sky Rompiendo [3].

In 2014, Dave Sanz created Daxsen Media, which is the marketing division of his holding company. With this company, Dave Sanz has been able to link functions with his other companies Daxsen Consulting, Daxsen- Vice Models [3].

In addition, Daxsen Media has allowed Dave Sanz to work with influencers such as Juanpa Zurita, Alexis Ren, and Hanna Hiraldo, with wrestlers such as Jack Swagger and Chavo Guerrero Jr, and with brands such as Pepsico, Ambev, American Eagle, Armani, and Nike [3].

Dave Sanz owns more of the companies affiliated with Daxsen, among them Daxsen Capital, which is a real estate investor with projects in Ecuador, Lifexury, which is a concierge company for America, and Daxsen Realty, which is the company that performs brokerage for its real estate and concierge sectors [3].

On the other hand, Dave Sanz is venturing into other sectors, such as the space industry with Daxsen Space, which is an investment company for independent space exploration and space technology projects [3].

Also, with the help of his parents, who have a background in IT, Dave Sanz has developed the company Daxsen Technologies, which is dedicated to providing software development for corporations, ethical hacking, and cybersecurity for businesses and governments [3].

Following the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, Dave Sanz started Daxsen Health Group, which currently has healthcare professionals serving patients with a variety of services [3].

Dave Sanz is currently an entrepreneur with over 114 licenses and certifications [4], and recognitions such as being a member and voted contributor to the Latin Grammy Awards, and distribution partner for Sony Music Entertainment [1].


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