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David Arquette Hosts Healthy Humor Event At Nightclub Bash At Bootsy Bellows



Healthy Humor is a non-profit arts organization that uses healthcare clowning to bring joy, laughter, and humor to sick children and others suffering. The organization’s flagship program, Red Nose Docs, serves over 600,000 kids and families annually at 15 partner hospitals across the country, including Children’s Hospital of Orange County (CHOC) and Loma Linda Children’s Hospital in Southern California.

After the pandemic, the work of the organization has become even more critical, as hospital stays can be isolating and damaging to a person’s mental and emotional health. Healthcare clowns from Healthy Humor use their professional skills to ease stress, sadness, and loneliness during hospital stays.

Patricia Arquette and David Arquette

In addition to helping sick children, Healthy Humor also provides services for the elderly, such as vaudeville visits for elders in critical care. The organization’s efforts have been supported by David and Christine Arquette, who served as Co-Chairs of the Benefit Committee for this year’s gala at David’s West Hollywood nightclub, Bootsy Bellows on February 22nd. The event featured food, drinks, a silent auction, live entertainment, and surprises throughout the night, with many celebrities, including Amy Yasbeck, Danny Trejo, Kyle Allen, and award-winning actress Patricia Arquette, in attendance.

The Arquettes’ collaboration with Healthy Humor has been essential in raising awareness of the organization’s work and adding committee members and potential future event hosts. The event also included gift bags with products from supportive brands Bug Bite Thing, Skinny Mixes, and Fenty. Overall, the event was a success in bringing attention to Healthy Humor’s mission to put a smile on every child’s face and help those who are hurting.

How long has Arquette been working alongside Healthy Humor? “For about a year now, I have had the privilege of working with Healthy Humor – a truly remarkable nonprofit I support – on the nuance and brilliance of healthcare clowning. I’ve had the opportunity to see the transformational power, as well as the artistry, of this work first-hand and believe this is some of the most important work happening anywhere in healthcare.” In addition, the organization is a terrific way to give back that combines healthcare and entertainment.

As part of his “Bozo The Clown” persona, Arquette wore a traditional clown costume, a bright orange wig, and a classic red nose to the event. He was almost unrecognizable on the red carpet, making guests laugh and smile, just like the other clowns of this organization do, bringing joy and laughter to everyone around them, even those who may not need it.

David Arquette explained his dedication to perfecting the craft of making people smile and laugh. It wasn’t until he felt his act would help the organization that he realized how valuable it would be for it. The organization relies on “the magic of healthcare clowns” to spread joy and happiness.

Arquette tells a source, “I love clowns. I’ve been in sort of a clown period of my life. I’m studying to be a clown and I’m working with [this] amazing organization.”

Their work was made more visible through this benefit. Their flagship initiative, The Red Nose Docs program, was able to raise funds to help those feeling the adverse side effects of hospitalizations. This Bash at Bootsy’s had great success, and it has brought Healthy Humor to the forefront. It’s hard to predict what the future will bring with Healthy Humor and David Arquette’s collaboration, but we can be sure there will be laughter along the way.

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