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David Imonitie: The Change in an Entrepreneur’s Personality Over the Years, The Difference Between Yesterday’s David and Today’s David



When you start your professional career, you are energetic and enthusiastic. You are newly introduced to the harshness of the world and you try to accept it just as an attachment to the rest of the perks that come with being an entrepreneur (or whatever profession you are). Well, despite all that courage and zeal in you, most newbies are still a bit naive in the field, and the chances of making wrong decisions are high. Interviewing David Imonitie, a multi-millionaire serial entrepreneur and the owner of several businesses, the question was also asked of him: What is the difference between a young David and today’s David, if a person meets him for the first time? To which he replied, in the early years of his career he had quite a lot of energy. “I was highly driven, but not so knowledgeable”, said David, “but now I’m rather calm and understand myself and my industries a lot more”. Furthermore, he said, “you’re going to meet the human side first in today’s David then you’ll come across the desires deep down”. The desires that are still driving him towards excellence ever since his early twenties.

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His career path was full of ups and downs, he told us. Becoming a father in his early twenties made him work ten times as hard as the average person. He started off working in a store, then moved to network marketing, selling insurance policies, becoming a travel agent, and then finally stepping into the coffee selling business, as he himself was quite a coffee enthusiast. This coffee business earned him his first million dollars at the age of 27. This might sound good, but it took him 5 years in total to make that business thrive to the point to generate 7 figures. Talk about determination! From there, his career took off and despite some hurdles due to economic changes in the market, he has only scaled himself and those around him to the next level since.

As compared to all those previous experiments and failures, today’s David is surely more experienced and has more in-depth knowledge of how things actually work in life. Today he is governing a business empire several times larger and more integrated than those he was a part of in his early twenties. David is now able to teach his lessons to his followers and fans out there. Spreading the knowledge and expertise in the masses surely justifies him being a lot calmer and more content with what he has done in his life so far.

However, he has not let that desire to excel die in his heart. He is optimistic to scale his coaching and real estate empire and become a billionaire over the next few years. He aims to do so by flourishing his businesses further through his expertise that he has acquired across his journey. Moreover, he also aims at helping 5,000 more people achieve a 6 and 7 figure income. On the whole account, he is viewed as a visionary and a leader because of these notions of taking others with him to the top.

One of the most fundamental qualities of a visionary is “to see what others can’t” as explained by David himself. Some would have never imagined the young David doing network marketing in his early twenties becoming a business tycoon and an inspiration for millions in the years to come. All you need to do is “Have faith and work smart!”, said David.

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Two Tips From Credit Repair Nation Founder And CEO Glen Arisukwu On How To Be Successful In The Credit Repair Industry



Originally from Nigeria, Glen Arisukwu came to the United States in 2014 to find his fortune. Since then, he has been working his way up until he started his career in the credit repair industry. 

“My career started when I couldn’t get approved for an apartment a few years back because of my credit. I didn’t realize how big of an impact credit made in different life milestones such as buying your first apartment or car,” Glen said. 

As a result, he started his credit repair journey. During that time, he said to himself that he didn’t want anyone else to go through the pressure he went through and being unable to achieve his goals. 

He then founded his company, Credit Repair Nation, which focuses on helping clients repair their credit reports by removing any derogatory items through legal methods that Glen himself used and learned when he fixed his credit report.  

Glen’s company isn’t the first and only credit repair company in the industry. There have been numerous ones before him and there will be more after him. 

To those who aspire to start their career in the credit repair industry, Glen offers two tips: 

Build A Good Team

A successful company that takes on numerous clients at a time needs to have an efficient team composed of people who share the same mindset and goals. 

That’s why Glen encourages those who want to start their brand in the credit repair industry to invest in the right people who can help propel their company to high levels of success. 

Having the right people in a team can get the work done faster and increase productivity because they can use their different strengths and talents for the benefit of the company. 

Become A Good Leader

According to Glen, before anyone in the credit repair industry can build a good team that could bring their company to success, they need to start with themselves and learn how to be a good leader. 

“One of the strong values that I learned along the way is leadership and having a great mentor who can show and guide you to be successful in the business you’re trying to get into,” he said. 

Since he’s keen on helping others fix their credit reports, Glen invested in himself and with his employees so that he can become a strong leader to a good team that’s working towards the same goals as him. 

Learn more about Glen Arisukwu through his Instagram account

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How Being Different Is The Secret Behind Magician And Motivational Speaker John Kippen’s Success



“Being different is your superpower.” That’s the motto that fuels magician and motivational speaker John Kippen. 

He knows what it is like to come from a place that is different from the rest of the world. But this didn’t stop him from achieving success and helping others do the same. 

“My story comes from my experiences and my heart. Overcoming the adversity of brain tumor removal and subsequent facial paralysis gives me a unique perspective on how to turn a difference into a superpower,” he said. 

Accepting His Difference 

How did performing magic become John’s superpower? When he was going through the trauma of a brain tumor removal which left his face partially paralyzed, he had to find something that would keep him going. That’s where magic came in. 

Through performing magic, John was able to build up his self-confidence. He said that the more he performed, the more he was able to stop hiding from the world and accept his facial difference.

Eventually, he came to terms that his difference didn’t define who he was and what he’s capable of achieving. 

John didn’t want to keep this revelation to himself. He knew that if it could help him get back out in the world, then maybe it can help others as well. And sometimes before walking down a better path, people just need the right push from another person who knows how it feels to be in their situation. 

So to make sure that he had the audience’s attention, John added magic to his repertoire, making the experience more fulfilling to those who have seen his shows. 

His Magic Touch 

Presently, John hopes to get his message of motivation across to adults from the age of 16 to 90, anyone who has dealt with adversity in their lives and finds themselves hiding from life. 

During the past six years, John has performed over 6,000 shows for anywhere from three to 700 people. In each performance, audiences leave not only entertained but inspired to change or except what they donʼt like about themselves.

“I find that my actions speak as loudly as I do which immediately gives me authenticity. I take interest in my audience and make the magic about them and I am just the conduit,” John said. 

John also spends a few hours managing his bi-coastal service company. But most of the time, he’s dedicated to developing new magic tricks to help him get his message across better. 

His current goal is to get on as many stages as possible and publish his book which will allow him to reach more people and relay his message of inspiration. 

To see his recent critically acclaimed short  film about his journey visit

For more information on how to book John to speak and inspire  your group, visit

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How Language Coach Mikel Telleria Helps Entrepreneurs And Professionals Learn A New Language Efficiently



Learning a new language isn’t always as easy as it seems. Although there are dozens of apps available to make the process easier, some people find it difficult to progress and adapt to a new system of speaking a different language. 

Mikel Telleria, a language coach from Basque Country, Spain, recognizes the problem behind the existing system which is why he offers his services for a more efficient approach to learning new languages. 

“With my language learning system, you can become fluent in a foreign language in three months,” he said. 

Teaching Entrepreneurs And Professionals 

Presently, Mikel helps busy entrepreneurs and professionals learn foreign languages quickly and efficiently. He has been teaching and coaching business professionals, entrepreneurs, and professional athletes since 2016.

He is fluent in  Basque, Spanish, French, English, German, Italian, Portuguese, Romanian, and Russian.

When teaching his clients a new language, Mikel uses a personalized plan based on input, habit building, and a focus on developing practical skills. He does this by determining his clients’ schedules and goals so he can prepare a personalized learning plan as well as guiding them in implementing these lessons step-by-step. 

“For me, language learning is enjoyable and relatively easy, because I do it the right way. I see so many people getting frustrated and not getting the results they want because they do it the wrong way. It’s not their fault, that’s what the school system taught them to do. But I want to change that,” he said. 

Over the years, he has helped dozens of clients learn new languages that provide them a benefit in their respective careers. 

Encouraged To Make It His Career 

“I had many friends who were struggling with their English and asking me what my secret was, especially after I learned Romanian in a few months, so I started helping them prepare learning plans that made sense for them. At some point, someone told me I should start charging people for it, and I realized it made sense,” Mikel shared. 

So after getting his MA in Professional Translation, he began his career by translating content for tech giants such as Google, Amazon, and Facebook, and working in embassies and chambers of commerce in various European countries.

Later on, he decided to become a full-time language coach so he can have more control of his time, effort, and profits. 

“I have been learning languages and experimenting with different methods for years, always looking to become more efficient at it. This is what I’m best at,” he said. 

Learn more about Mikel Telleria through his Instagram account (@mikeltelleria89). 

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