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Davy Vale Crystal Drops An Emotional EP, “cry ur heart out <3."



Detroit, Michigan-based r&b, soul, and hip-hop artist Davy Vale Kestral has recently dropped an EP album, “cry ur heart out <3”. The EP is an inspiration for healing from pain and overall mental development, written from Davy’s personal life experiences. The artist passed a difficult time when his mother was fighting against cancer. 

“cry ur heart out <3” got released on 29th November under the label SSF WORLDWIDE. The EP has four heart-touching, emotional tracks just over 10 and a half minutes in duration. The production and mixing are top-notch, with superb instrumental arrangements. The autotune is flawless, and Davy has a distinctive writing style. His vocal flow is smooth, precise, and brilliantly matches the percussive arrangements.

One thing commonly found in the four songs is that every song is written under a catchy intro melody that continues to play throughout the end of the tracks. However, every song’s melody was important to capture the real emotions, and Davy arranged them from the bottom of his heart.

Davy Vale Kestrel is a vampire rock star, and people have compared him to Lil Peep and Nirvana. Through his songs, he wants to pay tribute to his mother’s memories and fulfil her wish to become a popular artist.

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