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Dawn Lori: Unique, Gifted, Magical and Spiritual



Dawn Lori has been on her way to the top of the entertainment business. The TikTok and YouTube star continues to rack up views and followers with her readings and knowledge in Tarot, Paranormal and Spirituality. 
Her Podcast on Patreon (dawnsearlylight) has launched new material in Spiritual protection. 
Dawn‘s career as a Model/ Actress continues to blossom with collaborations with Clifford Croumbles of Hangerhouse Productions and Corley White with Digital X productions. 
 But this talented young woman’s Real magic is in her gifts. Her magic is in her heart, her soul. Her energy work to continue to help her clients, no matter how full her own plate gets. She continues to conduct readings despite her busy schedule, and maintain relationships with her clients. That’s a definition of a healer. 

Dawn Lori has since been cast in several of Mr. Whites films set to be filmed this summer, and also has been accepted into a 12 week Modeling/Acting Program through an Agency for 12 weeks through the summer, and upon completion will be guided to be placed within the industry. 

Dawn has been determined to reach her goals, but never moves too fast, as she is always reaching for someone that is her friend or family. 
“People come and go in the entertainment business because they have no drive, no heart; But she’s not one of them. She is going to make it. She has inner staying power. She just stays. She doesn’t go away. Just wait.” Emma Jones, a long-time friend of Dawn.

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