You may not know her now but you will after she releases her toxic single “Jealous”.
We were granted a early release listen and let’s just say this one is very tasteful. The beat glides and bring you into the Edm metro escape while still hearing the beautiful tones of Deja Renee right on top of the beat. I was not sure whether to feel sad and dance but it was such a perfect blind of both!

Deja Renee would honestly be our artist of the week if the single was released but until then you can go check out one of my favorites from her “Coffee”.

This hip hop artist has been demanding attention and is aiming to take the music world by leading it with new, hot music.

 Music artists have managed to charm their listeners and make their mark in this highly competitive industry that’s brimming over with the best of talent. Numerous musicians have made it big in the music world, won hearts and conquered the space with their musical talents. Deja Renee, one of the most talented musicians, is among them. She has created some amazing music pieces, which have soared her popularity in the American music space, something that has amazed people both inside and outside of the industry.

This incredible pop star has been able to grab the spotlight after years of hard work. Deja Renee’s exceptional work ethic and dedication have made her stand out from her peers. Her uniqueness is in her way of presenting music. 

Coffee link

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