As cryptocurrency markets take the bashing because of the unprecedented political situation unfolding in Europe, blockchain experts are betting on NFTs that promise a remarkable utility for the creator economy. Despite a minor slowdown, NFT sales continue to surge. However, one of the major drawbacks of how the current NFT markets are structured is that they are more of a barrier for a vast majority of artists, brands and creators who are yet to access the real benefits of NFTs.  To make the NFT technology easily accessible and more approachable for all, Xircus, a promising Singapore established NFT startup is all set to launch a unique collection-agnostic, multi-chain NFT marketplace deployer platform that will completely change the way NFTs are traded on centralized marketplaces. 

Xircus claims to be the world’s first decentralized DIY NFT marketplace creation platform. The Xircus “Deployer Studio,” which is a set of pre-built tools that allows anyone to launch their own custom NFT marketplace without having to write a single code. What makes it even more exciting is that the platform is collection-agnostic. It means creators and collectors can directly list their NFT collection from other marketplaces without having to re-mint to showcase their NFTs to the buyers on the Xircus platform. The team claims it to be a totally unique and innovative solution that will benefit all NFT businesses and collectors like BAYC who will be able to connect with buyers and sell their NFTs without having to pay the hefty commission charged by centralized NFT marketplaces. 

Explaining how this ingenious multi-chain deployer studio will benefit the larger NFT and creator community, Xircus CTO Michael Molina says: “ Xircus is a technical innovation that will change the way the NFT markets are structured. By making the platform collection agnostic, we are exploring new dimensions to cater to the emerging markets. With strong fundamentals, Xircus is strengthening the  very foundations of the future of NFTs and the multi-billion dollar global creator economy.”

Xircus aims to democratise the purchase and sale of NFTs. The platform allows you to build your own marketplace like OpenSea, Rarible, Foundation, Youtube 3.0, Spotify 3.0, OnlyFans 3.0, all on a decentralized infrastructure where user’s, NFT creators’ and collectors’ data are not owned by a company but cached and served by a distributed network of data providers. This means any Pop idol, any musician, any artist, any brand (McDonald’s/burger king/Tesla) any watch brand (Rolex, Patek Philippe) can run their own marketplace in their own CSS with their own preferred functionality” asserted Falco Pangkey, CEO of Xircus NFT. 

Falco Pangkey Co-founder & CEO Xircus NFT felicitated by the Washington Elite

Already listed on Pancakeswap, Xircus recently tested the preliminary version of its revolutionary deployer studio and the collection-agnostic feature of the platform. The project is also gaining positive attention after it was commended by critics at recently concluded major international crypto events. During the recently concluded Miami Blockchain week, not only Nick Spanos pioneer in the bitcoin and blockchain technology space, and Milton Guarderas blockchain investor and advisor, but also Xircus CEO Falco Pangkey was felicitated for his efforts in creating a platform that will democratize the sale of NFTs. He was representing Xircus at the event organized by the Washington Elite at the Versace Mansion hosted by active crypto influencers David Porter and Bruce Porter Jr. 

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