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Deron Smith: Founder Of Nspire Legacy Is Not Letting Up During This Quarantine



Deron Smith is an entrepreneur and founder of Nspire Legacy L.L.C. Deron was born and raised on the westside of Detroit, MI. Growing up in a poor area made Deron become a jack of all trades. He made money from cutting hair, cutting grass, drawing, rapping and later becoming a Registered Nurse in the Cardiovascular Intensive Care Unit. Becoming an RN was a blessing from God. Before then Deron was previously a high school drop out who had to resort to selling drugs. He states “ I give God the credit for my transformation.” 

Deron was always fascinated with entrepreneurship especially after seeing his father had been self employed all of his life. His father use to lecture him about how important it was for him to own his own company. Deron learned very early that his life had a purpose so he set out to find what it was. He says “My life’s purpose is to leave a strong legacy of financial independence and ownership for my children and their children’s children.”

Fashion has always been something Deron has wanted to get into even as a kid. Growing up in Detroit public schools you always had to dress your best and really pay attention to your image. He started his clothing line literally 3 weeks before COVID-19 hit. He first started with tee shirts, studying different types of fabric and qualities of the materials. After learning more about his craft he started to tap into the operation side of the business. His goal with his brand is to bring life to the hustlers, underdogs and go-getters. 

As an entrepreneur Deron knows there are some good days and there are some bad days. Nothing comes easy, everything is a process. Financial literacy something Deron thinks many should be knowledgable of and invest in. He has a level mindset and knows what he wants to accomplish. Make sure you check out his content and follow his journey. His story is one that does Nspire.



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