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Derrick Sampras A.K.A the People’s Entrepreneur teaches how to turn talents into income.



M. Derrick Sampras is now rocking the market offering the cheapest solutions to your financial freedom. At a very young age of 19 years old, he is networking with thousands of people helping them to reach the fast lane of life. 1. What/ who inspired you to reach the levels of success you have?

I came from a average earning family, but my parents did not compromise on giving the best education, they strived to put me in an international schooling that gave a foundation on what I stand. But I was always bullied and talked inferior by the luxury kids there. So that’s what inspired me to be where I am now. Its been 4yrs since I’ve been helping people get their financial freedom. My Goal is to get a dedicated fan base of about 100k and soon over helping all of them to achieve financial freedom. Sounds impossible, but I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.

2.What are some of the major turning points you have had in your career?

I’m not sure there ever was a “turning point” in my career. There have been some significant decisions and non-decisions; some good calls the seemed prescient at the time and some mistakes followed by regret. All of which seems to be part of a journey that evolves and spools out over time. The term turning point implies a big pivot or redirection that I can’t say I ever made. I think that a career is built over time and based on accrued experience. That it is impossible to reach a destination or achieve a goal without enduring the calamities and enjoying the good fortune that happens along the way. 3. What is your best advice for someone who wants to grow in the same career path as yours?

First and most important of all. Give dedicated time to have fellowship with God cause his grace is also a key reason to what I’ve achieved. Second, if you want to make true money, make lives better. Three mottos I follow on a daily basis, People over Profits, Respect over fame, Lives over Likes. Follow them and you’re already richer than you think. Connect with him now and find your cliché to financial freedom. Derrick’s Instagram:\


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