REDX is proud to announce Devan Leos as the official Editor and Chief of REDX Magazine.

Leos is a Los Angeles native, and he began his career at age 10 by starring in TV shows. Since then, he’s had a successful television starring in Mighty Med, and Madea’s Witness Protection. Leos is also a communications and media relations professional known for consulting fellow celebrities and businesses on their PR and Image.

Disney is one of the most recognizable names in the entertainment business. From movies to video games and even theme parks, Disney has been a pillar of this industry for decades. Keeping up with its expansion into new markets and endeavors, Disney has also expanded its influence into more adult-oriented ventures, such as social media influencers and digital magazines. 

Devan Leos Attending Party on The Pier ‘Blue Carpet’ Event.

As an entrepreneur, he has worked closely with other stars like Tyler Perry, Austin North, Ryan Gosling, Oscar Issac, Carrie Mulligan, Patton Oswalt, and many others.  As a creative artist, Devan developed a passion for artistic expression outside of the film industry. This led him to pursue other mediums of expression as another creative outlet. His work can be found in various online publications such as, Yahoo Finance, Elevator, and more. In addition to his projects, he’s also worked closely with companies like ABC, Technicolor, and Nickelodeon. 

The entertainment world is changing rapidly, and the industry can sometimes present a challenge for those looking to make their mark. Luckily, the incredible #REXFAM has entered the fray. REDX Magazine is your guide to the red carpet of the latest entertainment and business news, trends, and the hottest events across the country. 

Devan Leos had this to say:

“I am honored to be a part of this publication! The mission of REDX is to create an accessible, engaging content platform that connects those interested in business, entertainment, and fashion. REDX Magazine aims to bring greater awareness to the industry and increase brand loyalty amongst the public! I aim to make improvements and bring REDX to an even larger audience!”

Devan Leos

This new addition to REDX will mark the newest chapter in REDX Magazine’s story of innovation, and will have been a valuable resource for the magazine as it worked to build out strategies that still allows it to be an innovative lifestyle publication. The REDX Magazine Project focuses on bringing visibility and excitement to each new brand to increase brand loyalty in hopes of building an eco-friendly community. Among other ways, it connects people involved in fashionable retail, fashion design, and fine craft industries with entertaining content about public figures that are influential in this category, such as celebrities or politicians., and provides high-quality email marketing campaigns that can help boost brand awareness through their social media channels, among others. (Special thanks to Devan Leos for his passion and support! Devan Leos can be found on all social media platforms @TheDevanLeos)