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Devan Leos talks PR live on Ticker News with Mike Loder



It’s not just important, but critical, to have a strong public relations strategy for every company. Businesses should think outside the box in order to connect with their target market and build brand awareness, as the number of social media users continues to rise. Public relations agencies can assist performing artists with media exposure and online presence creation through various social media platforms. On this week’s Ticker News, Devan Leos discussed public relations and more.

Devan Leos and Mike Loder on Ticker News

Devan Leos appears live on Ticker News to discuss public relations and Web 3.

Today, public relations are just as important as any company’s marketing strategy, if not more important. Businesses need to find innovative ways to connect with their target audiences and build brand awareness, as the number of social media users rises. Through various social media platforms, a good PR agency can assist with media exposure and build a strong online presence for performing artists. This week on Ticker News, Devan Leos talked about PR and more.

Public relations and Devan Leos

Over the period of six years, Devan Leos has been working in the public relations industry. He runs DDigital and handles communications and media relations for clients. Today on Ticker News Leos also spoke about crisis communications In light of the FTX scandal, and discussed PR and how to properly recover from mistakes. Devan Leos is also an American actor who plays Alan Diaz in Disney XD’s Mighty Med. He has also played Trevor in Disney Channel’s Jessie, J.J. de la Rosa in Austin & Ally, and Fudge in Dream Cleaners. Devan is renowned in the Web3 and PR sector. He frequently talks about PR and communications on his Instagram story or during Twitter spaces.

The PR industry is big.

The industry of public relations builds a positive relationship between a company, its customers, and the public at large on behalf of the business. Public relations is a marketing and communications profession that spans a wide range of marketing, advertising, and journalism techniques. Public relations specialists typically create publicity for their clients. Because of its broad range and variety, public relations is used to either manage a company’s reputation or build a positive image for new products, services, and people. A company or product’s reputation may be maintained or enhanced through public relations. PR professionals typically focus on short-term business goals, such as product launches or the recognition of new staff. While journalists, analysts, and investors are considered by some as part of the “general public,” they may be separate audiences.

A combination of PR and Web 3 can be a game changer.

The world is shifting to an internet-centric model, driven by the web. Many industries, including healthcare, finance, real estate, and education, have already been impacted by the internet and are now leveraging technology to boost productivity and efficiency. The entertainment sector has also altered its business process as a result of the internet. Stars, for example, have used the internet to promote their brands. Celebrities are leveraging social media to connect with their fans and promote their projects and brands. Because of the popularity of social media, PR specialists are in great demand, particularly among actors and other public figures (see Web3 story here).

What Is the Importance of Public Relations?

A company or organisation establishes positive connections with its stakeholders through public relations. While advertising does not sell a product or service, PR endeavours to develop favourable connections with their stakeholders and preserve a positive image for their organisations. Using a variety of communication channels, PR specialists maintain brand awareness and respond to bad press and crises. In order to maintain brand awareness, you must be able to grasp the overall picture. You must be able to identify what the client wants as well as current events that might affect the client’s brand image. You must know how to respond to a crisis as well as how to generate one that will help the client gain brand recognition and recognition.

Because of the rise of the internet and social media, the entertainment industry has undergone dramatic adjustments in recent years. As an actor or other celebrity, you must be active on social media, promote your projects, and build brand recognition in order to succeed in this industry. Companies and organizations maintain a positive image with their stakeholder through public relations (PR). Unlike marketing, PR is not focused on selling a product or service. PR specialists use a diverse range of communication channels to establish positive connections with their stakeholders and maintain a positive image for their company.

Stay tuned for more updates by Devan Leos /// EIC of REDx Magazine.