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Businesses have various options when it comes to choosing an agency to partner with to outsource their media promotions, advertising, and marketing functions. Traditionally businesses have utilized marketing opportunities on conventional media to harness their brand’s potential for growth and increasing customer base. Lately, digital media has gained a lot of traction as an effective advertising, marketing, and promotional channel.

There was a time when strategists and industry experts used to debate the effectiveness of digital and conventional media, considering both to be each other’s competitors. However, in the current economic dynamics, traditional and digital media are more effective in a hybrid setting. Such an alignment of the best engagement points from both channels provides companies the right opportunity to increase their reach and enhance engagement with their customers.

Full-Service Advertising Agency

PH Consulting and Media is a full-service creative advertising agency based in New York along with a second office in Garden City, Long Island. The agency specializes in providing local businesses with extended brand recognition, awareness, and promotional services. The agency also helps its clients create brand value and build a unique identity through various brand enhancement activities as part of a comprehensive marketing strategy. The company works closely with its clients on their goals and objectives to maximize the outcome of implemented strategies. The agency is also involved in the purchase of advertising space on digital billboards and also creates their branding advertising campaigns, and audio and video commercials.

PH Consulting and Media mainly focuses on helping new ventures, and small and medium-sized businesses with scaling and growth in their respected market segments through digital and conventional media. They are exceptionally thorough in their approach to marketing, branding, and advertising to increase customer engagement and acquisition. Their focus-driven team works closely with their clients in a personalized environment to create and execute activities on digital and traditional media. The agency helps its clients in creating brand recognition in the market through video, profiling, and production. The purchase spaces on digital billboards are used to run campaigns with video commercials. These commercialization activities prove to be crucial in spreading awareness in the market and building up the momentum for the purchase of products and services by client customers. In the long run, these activities under the personalized and custom commercialization strategy build the overall reputation for their clients.

One-Stop (Shop) Digital, Social, and Conventional Media Solutions

PH Consulting and Media provides marketing research to test products and identify growth opportunities that assist in formulating the right strategy to acquire customers, record their experience and make corrections in service execution at the clients’ end. The agency is known for partnering with its clients to create customized action plans comprising creative positioning, tactics, branding guidelines, goals and milestone timeline, marketing and advertising campaigns, increasing brand awareness, and enhancing sales and customer retention. Their product-market fit strategy is very well recognized as it is used to help clients revamp their businesses and brands for the right segment placement in the market. There are times when businesses have the right product or service however, they do not receive anticipated results or response from the market. This is mainly because of the market fit strategy where companies fail to fit their products or services in the right market segment for specific customer needs. This is where PH Consulting and Media comes in and helps guide such companies on a course to achieve their organizational goals and objectives.

The agency also provides video production services through a full-service team of experts and by use of the latest tools and equipment. The team at the agency works from the very beginning in the conceptualization stage to the end. It also helps clients broadcast commercials and video profiles on cable television networks and social media platforms. The team at the agency also understands the value of each dollar spent by (local), small and medium businesses. Therefore, they work on maximizing the return on investment by creating highly engaging content for social, digital, and conventional media.

If you’re looking for a media and marketing partner to work with, PH Consulting and Media might just be the team you have been looking for. They take care of everything from ideation to strategy, planning to execution, production to broadcasting, casting to recording, and every process, activity, or service you might need to spread the word and increase your client base. They have an excellent client management team that provides a personalized customer experience. You should hit them up on their website and also check for full details of the various services that they provide.

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