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Dini: A Business Mogul Who Is Eager To Create An Empire



Andrew better known as Dini is a label owner and music producer from Brooklyn, New York. Although being born in Brooklyn, Dini was raised in New Jersey. Dini has an amazing musical ability and has been taking his passion full on as a career. He has played the drums and has toured all over the country until he found his true niche. While recording in the studio he was highly interested in watching the engineer at work.

Dini is now a producer/engineer and works exclusively with 3 artists who he is also building a record label with. Dini has been busy at work even well through this pandemic. He has executive produced 5 albums, Kevin Darbo She”, Kevin Darbo “Wet”. Kevin Darbo King Darbo”, Blaze Capone “Rise Of The Don” and Cliff Gautier “Vibe. Obviously he has a ton of experience under his belt. His musical influences include producer masterminds such as Kanye West, Mike Will Made It and Murder Beats. Dini will be giving those producers a run for their money very soon.

This year is very important for him as a businessman and label owner. He plans to solely focus on building his artists fan bases and make sure each member’s career is well organized and in order. Dini says “ Staying consistent is key, but putting action behind ideas is how to execute. Most importantly remember to have fun.”

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