Darkhorse Da God is a new wave digital producer who opened 11:11 recording studios in 2020 amid the pandemic. As a producer, he offers a wide range of unique soundscapes. With the use of a hyperrealistic deep muddy Southern dialect, he doubles as an artist over his self-produced instrumentals.

Darkhorse Da God entered the industry by interning at record labels, magazines, and recording studios. Soon enough, he developed his own style and unique taste for producing music. He found his groove in the rising trend disrupting the music industry right now; distorted sampling and remixing.

“This has always been my wheelhouse and the backbone of why I started producing music. I’m ecstatic that this is where music production is at now, and I hope to introduce a version of the sound that many haven’t heard yet,” he said.

After moving from Miami to Los Angeles in 2018, he realized how important it was to make music that was authentic, and to show his versatility as a producer and artist. Despite already having a thriving career in music production, he was inspired to launch his own recording studio and record label. 

As a musician and producer, his biggest challenge is maintaining originality in the face of the daily influx of so many fresh sounds and artists. His group of in-house producers at 11:11 Studios ensures they always motivate one another to be creative and push the envelope of what is possible in music.

Before Darkhorse Da God launched his own studio, he stumbled upon many roadblocks concerning the complex details of the music business. He quickly learned that music itself is actually just ten percent of the industry. So his biggest tip for newbies and those wanting to break into the industry is to learn the ropes of the business of music.

For him, what sets his studio apart from others is its status as one of the first record labels to primarily release music from producer-artist hybrids. This is in addition to his sound being distinctly unique from mainstream music.

“I want to be known for experimental sounds and evoking emotions people didn’t know they had. We are the face of new wave music, creating new genres to be followed. We are trendsetters,” Darkhorse Da God said.

Darkhorse Da God and his team are currently working to establish a non-profit organization where they will provide after-school classes for students interested in pursuing careers as sound engineers and music producers. Additionally, they regularly collaborate with various organizations every Tuesday to feed the residents of Skid Row, a neighborhood in LA with the largest population of homeless people.

Darkhorse Da God has a ton of projects lined up for this year. Along with signing and promoting his upcoming acts, he plans to continue his monthly releases of instrumental albums with his first beat tape of 2023 called “Full of Secrets and Unsaid Feelings.” Released on January 6th, 2023 this will be the 12th beat tape release from the boutique label. In addition, he plans to release a live mix video on Youtube, where he will play the beat tape in its entirety. You can watch his last mix video at the link above for his critically acclaimed release from 2022 titled “Caged Birds Still Have Wings

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