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DJ 340 Sponsored By MPKICKZ



DJ 340 has co-signed MPKICKZ long before the collaboration. “Pedro and I clicked from the moment I started shopping with him back when he first started selling sneakers and clothing” Says DJ 340. DJ 340 describes Pedro (The owner of MPKICKZ) to be very relatable and genuine. Pedro is a Dominican native who worked very hard to be in the position that he is now. Pedro dedicates a lot of his success to his late mother. He speaks highly of her and he knows that she is proud of the man he has become. MPKICKZ is a great example of hard work, dedication and perseverance.

MPKICKZ is located in the Mall Of New Hampshire, Manchester. Pedro is dedicated to keeping his customers, which he refers to as his family, fresh and always up to date with the latest drip. Working alongside Pedro is DJ Flex Diamond. DJ Flex Diamond is a long time friend of Pedro’s and a former sneaker store owner as well. DJ Flex Diamond brings a special energy to the shop. DJ Flex Diamond is aware of Pedro’s style and the two work very well together. Pedro has big plans for the future. MPKICKZ will be launching their very own shoe cleaner called “KICKZ Cleaner”. This cleaner is second to none. The results of the cleaner will leave you speechless. It is expected to be a huge asset and investment for MPKICKZ.

DJ 340 is still and will always be a customer in his eyes however MPKICKZ sees him as a part of the family. DJ 340 will always step out in the clothing from MPKICKZ as well as the sneakers. DJ 340 does an amazing job shining light on MPKICKZ no matter where he is. Whether he’s booked to DJ, hosting an event, or even just out spending quality time with family he will always be seen in the exclusive gear from MPKICKZ. DJ 340 says “Pedro and Flex have been extremely welcoming to me and I can’t thank them enough. Pedro is always going back to DR giving back to his community and I respect him for that. I see MPKICKZ franchising someday. I know the customers they have love them and will continue to shop with MPKICKZ forever.” If you are around in the New Hampshire area looking to find some new gear, visit MPKICKZ. You will be welcomed with open arms and guaranteed to leave with a smile on your face.

Follow MPKICKZ on Instagram @MPKICKZ603 for more information.

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