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DJ Allure is BACK with “Jolie”



This year, Baltimore’s DJ Allure is doing something unique. While already performing at clubs in the DMV, the Tech House musician is on a prolific run of brand-new music. The DJ has been integrating his own tracks into his tech house and deep house sets in order to further expose himself to the larger music industry. The DJ is used to DJing at venues all over the world, entertaining thousands of people every weekend.

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Allure’s latest and greatest drop, “Jolie,” has strong vocals that are exquisitely complemented by gleaming synths and a piano that transitions between nostalgic, soulful parts and groovy bass rhythms that ease tension. A calm, steady groove is well used in this work to transition to a dramatic, upbeat chorus and bridge. When you start to concentrate on the keys, the bass enters, a synth melody emerges, and the music gets you moving. Don’t miss “Jolie” or any of DJ Allure’s upcoming performances as he continues to offer a dope, novel perspective on tradition.

I very much admire Allure’s hustle. He is gigging constantly while also documenting much of it throughout his social channels. In my opinion, all of the elements are there for DJ Allure to have a meteoric rise in his field. The hustle is just as crucial as the music if not more so, and the music is super dope to boot. He brings the ingenuity and the energy both live and on wax, so he very much has a fan over here. 

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