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DJ Bibb: has shown his talent through his music jouney



The obstacles that prevented many artists from achieving success have stymied their progress. Music industry success is rare, and many fail as a result of the stress of balancing a career and everyday life. Despite staggering statistics, the industry’s top performers have overcome obstacles to achieve their dreams despite all odds. DJ Bibb has experienced the harsh side of life first-hand. 

DJ Bibb, one of Lebanon’s top DJs has shown his talent through his music while becoming a resident in many well-known clubs across Lebanon. Throughout the summer of 2022, DJ Bibb secured his Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays playing his music for the people of his country and tourists from all over the world. Bibb was known for his crazy HIP HOP RAP nights as well as his nonstop COMMERCIAL parties. His passion for music not only brought his name to fly across the world, but also to be able to play alongside the one and only RITON live among thousands of people this coming month of August of 2022. The warmth of his heart led him to support local talents by producing his first single featuring them, supporting the talents of his country. Bibb is currently working his way up the ladder to perform gigs abroad starting November of 2022.

The way this young musical artist has been moving up and onwards in the industry is truly a sight to behold, looking at the zest in him and the tenacity to make it huge as a high-performing and successful artist in an industry, which is already overflowing with many established names.




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