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DJ GEE Exclusive Interview With Redxmagazine



DJ GEE, The Canadian DJ is on a mission to wake the music industry from the “nightmare” it’s currently in, with his upcoming sixth studio album, ‘The Industry Nightmare’, releasing later this year on YGRECORDS and DJGEETV.

The new record, a follow up to his 2018’s ‘The Comeback’,  is a collaboration with rapper Tree Dogg MR ATM, and also features other artists from YGRATMBOYS.

Throwing it back to a time when DJing was physical and all about turntablism technique, the new album is heavily inspired by ‘80s and ‘90s hip hop and rap, as well as the current rap charts, as we discover in our exclusive interview with DJ GEE. Ever eclectic, the influences on his music stretch from 2Pac and DJ AM, to beyond the barriers of  your average hip hop album to country and jazz, DJ GEE tells us.

We spoke to the rapper about The Industry Nightmare, learning Turntablism from DJ Qbert, and working harder than DJ Khaled… 

Tell us about your new album, The Industry Nightmare – where does the name come from?

DJ GEE: The name for the album was an idea from my label mate, rapper Tree Dogg MR ATM. It’s all based around our experience of the Billboard Top 10 and the hip hop and rap charts. We’ve targeted these chart tracks and have come up with our own unique versions.

What’s been your favourite memory from making the new album?

DJ GEE: Honestly, the whole process of making it. Everything that goes into getting the album started  – from the beats, to our time in the studio, to the remixing of the tracks.

What is your favourite track on the album and why?

DJ GEE: It’s impossible to pick a favourite track on the album, because you can take something away from all of them. Each track has its own vision, realised on the final album.

What sets your music apart from other artists?

DJ GEE: We work as hard as DJ Khaled or harder. YG Records and DJGEETV Records are the best label in the business. All of our music is made independently, without being signed to a major label – so far. Our music is a throwback to the way rap music was founded, based on the four elements of hip hop.

How did you learn turntablism?

DJ GEE: I learned Turntablism from many well known turntablists: DJ Jazzy Jeff, Canadian DJs Skratch Bastid, Sara Simms, DJ Grouch, DJ Dopey, DJ Vekked, DJ Starting From Scratch, and most notably, American legend DJ Qbert from The Invisible Skratch Piklz, Thudrumble, Qbert Skratch University and Rock Steady Crew. I also learned from the late great DJ AM – his way of mixing music, open format, while scratching and using Turntablism inspired me to want to learn and master the same type of style. I also attended Scratch Lab in Toronto, Ontario, Canada to finetune my skills.

Talk us through some of the biggest influences on your music?

DJ GEE: My biggest influences, to name a few, are 2Pac and The Notorious BIG, 50 Cent, The Game, and then ‘80s and ‘90s hip hop and rap. There are lots of DJs who have inspired my music – A-Trak, DJ AM, DJ Shadow, DJ Premier, DJ Qbert, DJ Craze, DJ Shiftee, Jam Master J, DJ Shortkut, DJ Babu, DJ Melo D, DJ Skratch Bastid, DJ AM, Cut Chemist, DJ Jazzy Jeff, Mix Master Mik, DJ Spider, DJ Green Lantern, DJ Khaled, The X-Ecutioners, Roc Raida, Beat Junkies and DJ Rob Swift.. And those are just some of them.

You cite an eclectic mix of music genres – from hip hop, to jazz, to country. Could you tell us about how those different genres come together to make your sound?

DJ GEE: Tree Dogg MR ATM and I have done beats and remixes with a lot of other genres – jazz and country, like you mention, as well as R&B, to name a few. We can adapt to any style, while keeping our main genre, rap and hip hop, at the forefront. DJ GEE likes all genres of music.

If you could collaborate with anyone, who would it be?

DJ GEE: There are many artists I’d like to collaborate with – if I could collaborate with anyone it would be DJ Qbert, Drake, Dr Dre, Snoop Dogg, Ice Cube, Eminem, 50 Cent, and The Game. We have big plans for the future.

You’re from Hamilton, Ontario – how has that shaped you as an artist?

DJ GEE: Hamilton, Ontario is a robust and diverse mid-sized music market located handily close to Toronto, Ontario. Hamilton is known for its rich and crazy ecosystem of independent artists and bands in all genres – we even have a community concert band. The scratch DJ scene here is a tight community that reaches to many parts of Ontario, too. It’s very competitive and unique. I truly believe that music can change someone’s world, in the same way music has shaped me into the person I am today. My city is a great community, full of great hard working blue collar people. Music has always played a huge role in my life, allowing me to make sense of all of life’s hardships and triumphs and I truly hope to help others through my music.

A lot of DJs shows now involve watching a DJ stand behind a laptop – turntablism doesn’t particularly lend itself to that. What’s your own live performance setup like?

DJ GEE: My performances consist of open format mixing of all genres, beat juggling, scratching, and remixing. Very soon, I think computers will be built right into the DJ mixer. Everyone can have fun being a DJ, but it still takes a lot more to be a turntablist and scratch musician.

What can fans expect from a DJ Gee live show?

DJ GEE: These days, every DJ knows how to push buttons, play music, and smash the beat-sync button. But how many DJs can prove themselves on the crossfader when it comes to being able to scratch? In the early days of hip-hop especially, you had to be able to manipulate vinyl like a god before you could even call yourself a DJ.

What do you think about modern DJing from just a laptop?

DJ GEE: Today, the artform of scratching is seemingly becoming lost thanks to the advent of digital DJing. To put it simply, scratching is a technique where the DJ/Turntablist moves a record back and fourth on a turntable in order to produce the unique sounds and effects – that’s what we call scratching. The DJ will also be using a crossfader on a DJ mixer to cut between two records simultaneously.

Scratching originated during the emergence of hip hop music in the 70s and is still primarily associated with the genre. It’s also still widely regarded as one of the most valuable skills a DJ can have. Which is why you’ll find a number of dedicated scratching competitions held all around the world including the renowned DMC World DJ Championship heavily sponsored by Rane & Serato. Following on the points above, scratching is a part of DJing history. Before there were digital DJ controllers and beat-sync buttons, you couldn’t call yourself a DJ unless you knew how to scratch. So what better way to pay homage than to learn the skills of the DJs that came before you. It’s only going to increase your rep as a DJ and improve your skills in all areas on the turntables! As a DJ, you express your personality through the songs you’re playing during your set. Add scratching into the mix and you’ve got just another outlet for adding your own personal flair to your performance. Think of it like being a chef, everyone spices things up in different ways. Scratching gives you the opportunity to add your individual seasoning to your performance!

What’s your dream for the future – where do you envision your music taking you?

DJ GEE: My dream for the future is to keep making music and inspiring others while hopefully gaining more fans, more recognition, and working with more well known artists to expand my reach.

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Music Star

Theprinceofnc says he can beat any rapper in a one on one fight for $1000



Theprinceofnc says he can beat any rapper in a one on one fight for $1000

“Most of these rappers cap in they raps but can’t fight”

Theprinceofnc was interviewed by Big Mouf Media last month and he claimed he can beat any rapper in a one on one fight for $1000.
The US musician explained that the only reason he said that is because most of these people who are acting tough can’t really fight. People like to diss in tracks but be a different story in person.
Speaking to Big Mouf Media during an interview , he said “I can beat any rapper in a one on one fight, set it up because these rappers are not built like they say they are. “ …. Its different scenarios where someone will pull out a gun or you will more than likely get jumped.
The Musician, who previously had backlash for pulling out a gun for almost being jumped in Raleigh , is also known for pulling out guns during an altercation. He also has explained that people don’t seem to be telling the truth in there written rhymes and its all for entertainment. 
The Musician also recently addressed accusations that he ran from someone when he was about to get jumped . All accusations are false . 
Some people online called him out for his statement claiming he can beat any rapper for $1000 . Many rappers got offended and feel like they can put up a fight. 
Meanwhile, he recently joined Chap Instagram and declared that he will set up a rapper boxing organization.
The Idea of rappers boxing came from Soulja boy and Famous Dex who was supposed to participate in a rapper boxing match. The idea of rappers boxing is to settle any problems in the ring and not resulting to guns and street violence. Watch Theprinceofnc Interview below!
Big Mouf Media Interview:

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Hollywood Him: Has New Hit Single Titled “Whew”



Hollywood Him is an on the rise music mogul from east coast. This artist is not only known for making amazing music, but for bringing up some of the areas best hidden talent. Hollywood him has a label called “Already Famous” that has an umbrella of versatile artists underneath it. Hollywood has been ringing bells in his area for his latest release called “Whew”. This song is fun, catchy, gritty and a whole vibe that makes anyone who hears it sing. Any project he drops is professional and of amazing quality. His latest visuals are on youtube and “Whew” will have a visual releasing to it as well.

Hollywood him is moving militant and making sure marketing his single is at the forefront. This song is a pure hit and can definitely top the charts once it starts circulating to the stations and DJs. Even though Covid-19 has slowed down a ton of events that ultimately help artists get discovered quickly Hollywood him is still finding events to take part in and make sure his label does not become stagnant. Recently Hollywood performed at a venue with some of the areas best artist including Rocky. The song “Whew” has been picking up and traveling along the east coast. A few individuals have even created a dance for the record.

Make sure you stream this record. Hollywood Him is making a name for himself. Join his journey and be sure to follow his content and stay up to date on more new releases.

Steam here

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Music Star

Chris Burke, Being the Jack of All Trades



A Music Producer Popular Among All Crowds

Fulfilling the demands of all your fans sounds like a dream of most of the musicians out there. But it is one hell of a task to accomplish. One needs to be flexible enough to incorporate new tastes and aspirations into his personality. Besides, he also needs to have a thorough knowledge of different music forms and the related instruments. Chris Burke is a humble, talented, and well-versed music producer, DJ, and songwriter who has made his name known in almost all the music genres. The credit to this goes to his thirst for learning more, regardless of how much he has already accomplished. Alright, so the story starts from back when little Chris was 16. He went to a concert of Foo Fighters, with his father, in 2007. There he got lost in the music. Seeing the crowd all charged up and jumping on the beat, combined with the intense lyrics, really made Chris wonder, how come all this happens? To get an answer to this question, Chris decided to jump into the game himself.

Well, Chris is an engineering graduate from North East Scotland College, Fraserburgh. And to your surprise, he has also done PR work for The Garage in Aberdeen. He was running his recruitment agency for quite some while until he decided to become a full-time musician. It was not that the business was not going well for Chris. It was quite profitable. The reason why Chris left that world and jumped into this utopia of performing arts and music is its creative factor. You get a sense of accomplishment when you create a unique art piece or compose a new symphony. 

Anyway, once Chris had decided to focus on music, quite early in his life, the next dilemma was deciding where to start? After quite a session of mind storming, Chris and a few of his friends decided to gather up and form a band to give their musical aspirations the shape of reality. The band was named Cold California by these creative teens. As Chris used to listen to Eminem, Bruce Springsteen, Nirvana, and Biffy Clyro from an early age, by the time he was in his mid-teens, his taste has already been pretty mature. It is the reason that although the band constituted of merely these teens, it still started getting popular among the fans of all age groups. The second reason behind its popularity and massive acceptance was its originality. Although Chris and his friends got inspired by the legends mentioned before, it was made sure that all the songs and albums they release must be a hundred percent original content. The lyrics, composition, symphony, they did everything in-house. Eventually, by 2017, they were that much-praised publicly that they started making money through Cold California. Performances, concerts, and events became a routine for these boys. Even at that time, Chris decided to change the taste a bit and released an album, Wanderlust, in collaboration with David Chappell, under the name of Tenaya.

One day while scrolling down through Bebo, Chris came across a song by Calvin Harris. You would have heard about him and listened to at least one of his songs, even if you are not that big of an admirer of EDM. Like it was meant to happen, Chris got so inspired by the tracks that he decided to try this genre himself. Before this, he was doing pop and country. This decision, besides adding a lot to his technical knowledge, also broadened his creative horizons. With electronic music, the possibility to create something new and innovative becomes sky high as you can create your sound effects, vary their intensity, pitch, frequency, and whatnot, and plenty of other stuff. As a result of his sheer devotion and passion for EDM, his singles, Space and Time, Dreamers, and Never Really Liked You, made new records. Tiesto himself played his single, Never Really Liked You, in one of his radio shows, Club Life. 

The way Trance entered into the life of Chris is also not that different. He was spending his vacation in Orlando, Florida, in 2019, when he went to a concert where Gareth Emery was performing. That was the moment he got deeply inspired by Trance. You know, its whole vibe is different! The calmness and the soothing effect it leaves on your mind and body is out of this world. Again, besides being impressed and influenced, Chris decided to give it a shot as well. This time, he collaborated with Eximinds, a Russian record producer, and released The Night in the March of 2020. The response on it was pretty encouraging. It made him produce more trance tracks. Hence, he is also currently working on his new project Hey Child, to release on Tribal Tracks. So, let’s see how it comes out to be!

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