The new-age hip-hop music industry is getting flourished with DJ Gee’s amazing collaboration project and latest EP ‘9th Wonder’. The high-octane EP consists of a total of 5 bangers and each of them offers a distinctively different flavor than another. There are upbeat trap flavors as well as retro grooves which create a bridge between the past and the present. The musical arrangement in this EP is quite intriguing and does not fail to captivate listeners around the world. DJ Gee did a remarkable job in creating this musical project that reflects his prolific musicianship. Each composition is highly enjoyable and offers a head-bopping experience along with hard-hitting bars.

Started with ‘Alphabet Tripping’, followed by ‘TimeMachine’, ‘Sparking’, and other tracks; this is one of the greatest hip-hop projects ever made. The DJ has joined forces with other fellow hip-hop artists to craft these tracks such as Rittz, Cappadonna, Compton Menace, Swango, Hog Beezy, Big Twins, and Jarren Benton. TreeDogg MR. ATM is one of the greatest among them and is present in every single album. Hailing from Hamilton Ontario, Canada; DJ Gee is one of the most talented DJs who is working since 2007. The artist has worked with both Underground and Mainstream Music Artists. And now he is spreading his musical aura all over the world. TreeDogg MR. ATM or TreeDogg hails from Arkansas and Texas and has a unique flow, known as Bun B Jr of the underground he comes from the underground scene with years of experience. We are still not sure if they are from where they are known to have come or some celestial bodies, all kidding aside the new albums are worth a listen.

Just like the title of the EP suggests, it is truly being the ‘9th Wonder’ in this world with his robust, dynamic, and powerful presence. The united effort by rap artists reflects through this project, making it the best in the scene. Gee has released many other albums like ‘Galactic Federation G’, ‘Kings and Queens’, ‘G is 7 Tree is 9’, and the list goes. Visit and find out more.

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