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DJ Tomer & Ricardo Ft. Mei-Tar’s “House on a Hill” Is a Global Success



DJ Tomer is a DJ/Producer from New York City. Born in Tel Aviv, Tomer Abikzer has been working in the industry for 22 years. He has toured globally, worked with the best labels in the dance music industry and collaborated with some of the top artists worldwide.

“House on a Hill” by DJ Tomer & Ricardo Ft Mei-Tar is a global sensation. Based in the scene of clubbing and dance music, hit single “House on a Hill” was played before release by Grammy Award winner Black Coffee. Kickstarting the song’s popularity it was soon played by audiences worldwide.

“House on a Hill” embodies DJ Tomer’s unique blend of tribal sounds and catchy house music. It appeals to the intersection between our identity and music innovation. Through his flawless execution, Tomer has resonated with hearts of many world wide.

With an accomplished journey so far, DJ Tomer has exciting new projects underway. This features 8-10 new songs on his upcoming album. We can look forward to tradition mixed with talented artists and more in DJ Tomer’s latest endeavors.

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Tomer moved to the US at the age of 18 where he later started his music journey in the club scene of NYC. Inspired by legendary djs such as Junior Vasquez and Grammy winner Peter Rhuhofer he embarked on his own producing and Dj path..

Tomer first productions were released by world famous labels such as Twisted America, Nervous record, Chameleon Rec, and Tweekd USA, *69 just to name a few.

His original sets are a whole new music sensation, incorporated with his drumming skills, guaranteeing a unique experience.

In 2019 Tomer & Ricardo joined forces to create original Afro House productions which have established them as leading voices in the Afro house world. Tomer & Ricardo’s vision is to create a unique musical experience and to collaborate with the most talented singers in the industry.

Tomer’s work has been supported by artists such as Black Coffee, Themba and Circle music. Tomer has played in many parts of the world in front of an ever growing crowd. Tomer was selected by Traxsource at #91 of the top 100 Afro house artists around the world for the year of 2021.

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