Generally, influencer marketing has been an effective tool for local businesses to thrive and increase their customer base. It helps promote digital advertising, which remains one of the most powerful forms of marketing. However, some companies still underestimate the power of influencer marketing, but those who use it get their businesses to the next level. 

One person who has mastered using influencer marketing to expand businesses is Dmitry Klimovitskiy, CEO of Deon Media. He has years of experience in the industry and knows how to connect businesses to top influencers that fit their brand’s identity.

Recently, Dmitry has been flying to different cities to help local businesses expand their brand’s reach and customer base. His unique approach to influencer marketing has helped many businesses achieve success, and he shows no signs of slowing down.

“Recently, we have started working with different companies across the country. For instance, we built a unique influencer marketing strategy for a Chicago dental clinic. The client already had a strong presence in Chicago and wanted to expand their  reach. During a consultation, we found out that the client actually gets referrals from locals and residents of other states, but wants to work on that source of referrals. Our agency came up with requirements and a strategy, we started searching for Influencers from different states who potentially could be a good fit for the client,” Dmitry Klimovitskiy shares.

Finding the Best Influencer Brand Fits 

When it comes to influencer marketing, one mistake most marketing agencies make is connecting businesses with influencers that are not the best fit for their brand. This often leads to a campaign that falls flat, and both the business and influencer are left disappointed.

Dmitry Klimovitskiy knows how to avoid this mistake by getting to know his client’s business inside-out before finding the perfect influencer match. During the Chicago Dental client campaign, Dmitry Klimovitskiy realized that it was important to find Influencers who didn’t have perfectly white teeth or who already wore braces and veneers.

He said, “If an Influencer had yellowish, preferably a little bit crooked teeth, we would add them to a potential list of contacts. After the research, we reached out to influencers, presented the clinic on the client’s behalf, negotiated a deal, and after both parties were satisfied with the terms, we helped with finalizing the contracts. This strategy generated over 500,000 views and still generates leads to the client’s clinic to date.”

This is just one example of how Dmitry Klimovitskiy goes above and beyond for his clients to ensure their campaigns are successful. His passion for helping businesses grow through influencer marketing is evident in everything he does, and it’s clear that he’s going to do more.

With Deon Media, businesses benefit from the research, contacts, and negotiation deals with Influencers, not only from the USA but also from Canada, the UK, and Australia. Deon Media has a network of over 3000+ influencers globally from the most popular social media such as Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, and Twitch.

You can connect with Drimity Klimovitskiy through his social media links and look up Deon Media’s website.