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Documentary filmmaker Tomas Auksas is working on a feature directorial debut film “Come Down Cuddle“



Since 2013 Tomas has directed an array of documentaries focusing on topics such as mental health, gender, relationship between technology and art, climate change and creativity. His environmental documentary “In This Climate”, featured emotional testimonies of climate change refugees and terrifying statistics from activists, celebrities and experts, including Sir David Attenborough, Cher, Dame Vivienne Westwood and Mark Ruffalo. It was presented at the Florance Biennale and the United Nations Climate conference in Madrid in 2019. 

Since then Tomas Auksas began developing a script for “Come Down Cuddle”  which was inspired by his TEDx talk about Social Media and Mental Health. The feature film is a coming of age drama which aims to raise awareness about the impact of social media on our mental health and how dating apps are killing the romance. The filming recently started since December 5th of 2022.

“The digital age has altered human relantionships, and we are beginning to see the impact its having on the new generation and their relationships” says Tomas Auksas.

A young Scottish actress Mairi Houston is starring in the film, which features music by the Lithuanian singer Neringa Siaudikyte. Neringa has been a celebrated singer since she was 18 years old. Her career started at “The Voice of Lithuania” international vocal contest that was broadcast on one of the country’s major television channels, “LNK” tv.  Over the past 3 years, Neringa has been building her musical career in Los Angeles as an artist, which provided the opportunity to create music for the upcoming film.

The film is set to be released in 2024.  

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