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“Don’t Go Looking for Love,” JB Elwood’s Single on the Dangers of Being Desperate for Love



Based in Austin, Texas, JB Elwood comes from a musical family where he listened to some of his close family members play different instruments and perform on local radio stations. Most influential in his music career were both of Elwood’s grandfathers, with his music being a way to honor them. Other songs under his belt are Something in the Water, Say Oh, and Watermelon Sugar.

One of the most striking lyrics from JB Elwood’s latest singles is “Cause there’s a snake inside the dove / Boy, when push comes to shove / Don’t go looking for love.” Many mythologies and religions use the snake and the dove as symbols for different behaviors that their followers should emulate. The most famous is Christianity, where the snake represents an evil presence, and the dove represents an innocent, calm presence. In the chorus of Don’t Go Looking for Love, JB Elwood compares these two creatures to warn us that desperate love is never what it seems.

He borrows a leaf from the phrase, “Don’t go looking for love; let love find you.” Granted, it’s a cliché. But as JB Elwood shows us, it is a fundamental truth everyone should hold as they navigate the meandering landscape of finding love.

In the lyrics, Elwood advises a young man and a woman that the love they desperately seek is not suitable for them. To the man, he says, “Never mind all the times, never mind all the lines that she drew in your head,” to speak of how the woman has just strung him along. In his advice to the woman, he takes a jab at men’s knack for sweet-talking their way out of situations by saying, “He came home, but he told you what you needed.”

The video is comical and begins with Elwood holding a scroll-like map of where he will find love. His ex-girlfriend follows him everywhere he goes. The harder he follows the map to find love, the worse his situation becomes.

One of his chasers sets up a trap for him; another tries to drown him, and a third follows him through the woods. If the lyrics have not convinced you to wait for love, this video is bound to make the message clearer, all while entertaining.

JB Elwood features a guitar solo in a pop country song, making it sound richer with a unique edge. The main instrument is his 1960s Gibson Dove guitar, which was gifted by his late grandfather Eugene Jackson. 

“Don’t Go Looking for Love” is a great song to meditate on when dealing with heartbreak or a difficult time in a relationship.

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