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Dorian – 33 EP Review



Music is interesting because of the way it can morph and change. Many artists use this to their advantage to make creative, clever and interesting music, but it takes time to get it right. That’s where today’s artist, Dorian, comes in. With his latest EP, “33,” Dorian brings in three new tracks, each of which tackles a fascinating new sound. He hopes to enthrall listeners with the fascinating blends of sounds on display here, so does it land? Read on to find out!

Opening the EP, we’re greeted by the first song on the tracklist, “Do Ya – Extended Dance Mix.” As the name implies, it’s an electronic dance track that uses bright, vibrant synths to create smooth jams. What caught us off guard is how unconventional the song’s progression is, a great change of pace from the cookie-cutter formula many dance music artists use.

Despite this, “Do Ya – Extended Dance Mix” keeps you bobbing your head, even with its more unique take on the genre. It’s a strong opening for the EP, and by the time it’s over, you’ll be ready for the next song, “Blast Off.” However, if you were expecting more variations on the dance sound on “Do Ya – Extended Dance Mix”, you’re in for a surprise.

“Blast Off” shakes off the dance influence, instead being a sweet R&B tune that rises, perpetually building to a climax. It’s a bit more conventional but works exceptionally well to the song’s credit. Ridiculously smooth instrumentals accompany Dorian’s silky vocals, and it’s pure ear candy. On top of this, the song’s just fun, especially with all the anticipation it manages to build. 

Backing vocal melodies and deep bass licks give “Blast Off” a clean, ambient sound. As a result, it’s effortless to get lost in the music and get swept by its smooth, pleasant vibes. It’s a strong song that opens the door for the final track, “Notice Me.” Once again, we get another shift in sound, heading towards a more soulful, emotional direction.

“Notice Me” is perhaps the most straightforward song on the EP, but it’s also by far the most emotional. A larger-than-life backing track gives it a sense of gravitas, and Dorian crushes it. It’s a phenomenal closer for “33,” marking the end of a solid EP. Overall, we found a lot to love about this project, with quality music, production and performances. Dorian has a true talent for mixing his styles around on projects, and we hope to see more like this from him.

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