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DOTCOMCANVAS: Transforming the World of Art and E-commerce



Introducing DOTCOMCANVAS®, the avant-garde hub born in the dynamic core of Germany, sparking a creative revolution throughout Europe. This groundbreaking digital emporium has redefined the art industry, captivating the hearts of art enthusiasts and empowering visionary artists. Experience the extraordinary as you explore our exclusive collection of meticulously crafted masterpieces and awe-inspiring wall paintings. With an awe-inspiring average of 2,000 monthly orders flowing from Dubai to London and beyond, the reach and sway of DOTCOMCANVAS® are nothing short of phenomenal. Join us in embracing the art renaissance.

The Power of Collaboration and Creativity

At the heart of DOTCOMCANVAS® is a diverse and talented network of both in-house and outside artists. The brand sources reputable freelance artists from Instagram, offering a platform to sell their work and reach a broader audience. One such artist is Isabel Yvonne, whose pieces are sold through DOTCOMCANVAS®, with royalties provided on each sale.

Exclusive Artists with DOTCOMCANVAS® enjoy the visibility of their work and a 25% bonus royalty on each sale. Moreover, the company is committed to safeguarding the unique creations of its exclusive artists with Brand Protection – a service that ensures any copycats of our exclusive artist products will be pursued legally.

Expanding Our Artistic Family and Affiliate Partnerships

As DOTCOMCANVAS® flourishes, ambition soars higher, aiming to embrace a multitude of artists and elevate the tapestry of the product supply chain. Unlocking a realm of boundless creativity, DOTCOMCANVAS® curates an expanded gallery, showcasing an array of paintings that harmonize with the diverse palates of cherished patrons. But the voyage doesn’t end there! The beckon to visionary souls, eager to join forces as affiliate partners, ignites a symphony of sales reverberating through the art realm. Together, let’s paint a masterpiece of success! Interested parties can register here.

DOTCOMCANVAS® in the Limelight

The mesmerizing saga of DOTCOMCANVAS® has danced across the digital realm, enchanting prestigious platforms like Bloomberg, AP News, Yahoo News, and Business Insider. Their resounding voices hail our revolutionary fusion of art and e-commerce, applauding our avant-garde spirit and unparalleled innovation. Join us on this extraordinary voyage where brushstrokes meet binary, as we continue to redefine the art landscape. Brace yourself for a symphony of accolades! You can learn more about these features here and here.

Influencers and Models Loving DOTCOMCANVAS®

Many influencers and models have also been captivated by the charm of DOTCOMCANVAS® products. These personalities have purchased and proudly displayed the company’s pieces on their social media platforms. The authenticity of these endorsements further testifies to the quality of DOTCOMCANVAS® products and the impact they have on their customers. A list of such endorsements can be found here, here, and here.

DOTCOMCANVAS®, spearheaded by Tim Schmidt, is not just a digital store; it’s a revolution in the world of art and e-commerce. The company’s dedication to artists, commitment to quality, and innovative business model all contribute to its growing success. Contact them at or call +49 174 8410383 to become a part of this incredible journey.

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