Hillside resident Dr. Ehren Yablon has started a non profit Organization called Friends of Pets that will treat pets of disabled people for free. Any pet owner who is disabled is welcome to bring their pet free of charge for a consultation and examination. Dr. Yablon or one of his associates will examine your pet and recommend different strategies for dealing with and hopefully curing your pet. If any medications or surgeries are required, Dr. Yablon will work with you to find a low cost solution to your pets problem.

Why is Dr. Yablon doing this? After 20 years of working in various animal hospitals, Dr. Yablon has come to understand the profit motive behind almost all Veterinarians and Animal Hospitals. While historically, vets have enjoyed a stellar reputation for honesty and integrity, during the last decade or so vets have become motivated not by honesty and animal rights, but by graft and greed. Since the proliferation of corporate practices and large Veterinary groups, the primary motive of the newer generation “vet” is to extract the largest amount of money from the client during a time of severe emotional stress and financial hardship. It is these predatory and opportunistic behaviors that tarnish the reputation of all veterinarians. To combat these indiscretions, Dr Yablon is trying to uncover and highlight the altruistic motives of what previous older generations of veterinarians entered into this field to accomplish. Namely, to reduce animal suffering and in doing so to help to repair the world.

If you would like to schedule an appointment with Dr Yablon’s not for profit organization or one of his associates please Whats App him at

908 868 6675