Entrepreneurs often visualize an opportunity gap between what could exist and what exists. Dr. Eun Um believes that for an entrepreneur to be effective, especially during turbulent moments, they must develop problem-solving skills. These skills enable them to use innovation and creative solutions to close that opportunity gap by resolving societal, technological, and business problems. Most entrepreneurs’ problem-solving preferences depend on their personality characteristics, efficiency, and conformity. Dr. Eun Um, president and CEO of AMSTAT Consulting, says that she enjoys generating new ideas and devising feasible solutions to broadly relevant problems.

Dr. Eun Um’s company has been operational for 18 years, actively interacting with clients from different cultures and identities. AMSTAT Consulting has been successful because of its inherent team of competent and intelligent professionals, most of whom have doctorates from reputable education entities such as Harvard, Stanford, and Columbia. Since its inception, the company has sought to capitalize on its solid background and expand its acquaintance network. Dr. Um knows too well that she must stand out among many other competitors in this line of business, a fact that inspires her to work harder and smarter than anyone else.

During the first year of AMSTAT Consulting, Dr. Eun Um noticed how customers suddenly stopped using her services. In response to this threat, she implemented predictive modeling, a statistical framework that enabled her business to predict the probability of customer churn. The results helped the establishment to exceed its operational goals by almost 100% in the second year. This achievement accurately represents how Dr. Um conceptualizes new ideas and solutions to challenges that can impede the performance of any business.

Through her journey as the owner of AMSTAT Consulting, Dr. Eun Um came to learn about conservative and creative approaches to problem-solving. The adaptive model, as used by most novice entrepreneurs, seeks solutions for problems in ways that have been tested before and are known to be effective. It is an approach that seeks greater efficiency while aiming at stability and continuity. In comparison, the innovative model preferred by Dr. Um, triggers an entrepreneur to come up with unknown techniques that are unfamiliar to anyone both within and outside the organization. The focus of this model is to challenge the problem definition while discovering avenues for their solutions and questioning existing assumptions. Dr. Eun Um says that at AMSTAT Consulting, an innovative model gives her a sense of novelty, an entrepreneurship trait that her employees and clients adore.

Regardless of the problem-solving technique idealized by an entrepreneur, the result should be centered on actualizing desired outcomes. Dr. Eun Um of AMSTAT Consulting is a creative and innovative entrepreneur who uses a distinctive management style based on informality, intuition, and rapid decision-making, which works in her favor.

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