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Dr. Jewel Tankard Presents The BluePrint Generational Wealth Mastery Retreat



A signature millionairess club experience at Tankard Palace in Tennessee

The Blueprint by Dr. Jewel Tankard is a coveted Generational Wealth Building taking place in her beautiful home in Tennessee, fondly titled – The Tankard Palace on September 10 – 11, 2021. Set in an awe-inspiring mansion, this life-changing event is designed to help you improve vitality, re-establish balance and master your finances. While here, you’ll empower your mind with cutting-edge insights from today’s most advanced instructors in wellbeing, finance and productivity. This isn’t a just another retreat – it’s a pivot point to transform your mind and your life’s trajectory.

This two-day experience will include fireside chats with national wealth experts, workshops, high-level networking, culturally relevant resources, and access to money – minded professionals all provided in a very simplistic, easy to understand flow. Empower your mind with exclusive access to expert speakers hand-selected by Dr. Jewel Tankard. Learn strategies from some of the world’s most successful finance professionals and Jewel’s trusted partners in wealth and business.

At the Blueprint you’ll step into the life you were designed to live. by learning the:

-Wealth Secrets of the 1%

-How to create and grow generational wealth

– How to generate wealth and influence that will outlive you

-Legal ways to lower your tax liability

and more.

Dr. Jewel is currently on Season 4 of “Thicker than water” on the CJC Network and has had the pleasure to also be featured on Fox Soul TV’s “Chatter”. Dr. Jewel has compiled a blueprint for mapping out sustainable generational wealth. “Your WEALTH and your INFLUENCE should outlive you” , states Dr. Jewel Tankard. For more information visit
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