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Dr. Ross Blagg Is Here to Heal through Art, Science, and Adventure



It’s through the magic of science that you are reading these words right now. We cannot imagine our world without science and technology, can we? While science is advancing the human race forward, art is the ultimate pacifier–humanity’s way to cope and experience culture. It ensures we are not turning robotic in this increasingly computerized world, and our emotions and feelings are alive. Dr. Ross Blagg is one of the unique individuals who is able to incorporate both science and art into his everyday. 

Apart from being an acclaimed plastic surgeon, he is also a multimedia artist. In fact, he was always an artist at heart, even before he chose plastic surgery as a career. His choice of plastic surgery is also an interesting story. 

Ross’s family had no one who had an academic or professional medical background. However, at fourteen years old, Ross tagged along with his father’s friend, a general surgeon, to the hospital. Ross was fascinated by surgery. “I just loved the immediate gratification aspect of it and the idea that you could learn a skill and then use it anywhere in the world to improve someone’s life,” recalls Dr. Ross. The fact that he was an artist, led him to plastic surgery. 

He found plastic surgery a perfect ‘fusion of art, medicine, and science’. “I guess I was a weird kid,” recalls Dr. Ross, acknowledging that he professed plastic surgery as a career choice at such a young age. 

Dr. Ross Blagg is currently one of the leading surgeons globally who is, apart from transforming his patients’ lives forever, using his talents and creativity for a bigger cause – philanthropy. 

His humanitarian pursuits started during his residency. Ross started an organization called Humanistic Plastic Surgery. The organization’s goal was to help people in developing countries access surgical procedures they lacked access to. 

Dr. Ross was known as a global plastic surgeon, frequenting countries abroad to provide medical care, until COVID-19 shut down his trips. However, not one to be deterred, Dr. Ross soon started a new project: Plastic Surgery Road Trip (PSRT). 

Produced by Lyfe in Plastic Productions, the PSRT project is a docuseries that follows Dr. Ross and friends he has met around the world as they road-trip across America finding interesting people who have already revamped their own lives and who need plastic surgery to help complete their journeys. Along the way, he goes to extremes to create a road trip travel-guide adventure before completing a surgical makeover. 

The episodes of PSRT are aired on YouTube and can be watched here. And follow the daily adventures of Dr. Ross on Instagram: @dr.rossblagg. 

Ross loved art, which brought him to plastic surgery. Now, he is converging all his passions to heal the community. His apt pivot in the wake of a pandemic exemplifies his ability to connect and have an impact in an ever-changing world. What could be a better use of one’s talents than this?

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