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DrexxBeats Rising with an Incredible Album On The Way, The Take Off



Drexxbeats official image in 2021

Introduction of DrexxBeats

DrexxBeats is a South African music producer who is struggling hard to reach his destiny. From the start, he has been working alone to earn dignity and fame in the industry. He is a self-taught person, based on which he has become a music producer. His dream is to attain the attention of a worldwide audience with good music, and believe us; he is introducing a unique style of music and beats to the world. His music is like audio nirvana that will provide a cool and calming sense to your mind. Plus, the lyrics are amazingly close to realities.

DrexxBeats Work until now

DrexxBeats has worked with many artists and is continuing his work with some of them. In the past, he collaborated with Andy Mary Jane and Wolf Alexander for the song Preparation Remix. This song is augmented by the dark gloomy texture and atmospheric pads that begin to climax at certain points. The superb duo of Andy Mary Jane and Wolf Alexander deliver their exceptional styles. Moreover, music is magical and mind relaxing. Listening to this music is like getting in touch with your soul. You will automatically close your eyes and let your body connect with the soul.  

Road to the Take Off

Last year, DrexxBeats released his EP called Road to the Take Off. It is the first ep of DrexxBeats. In this project, he has collaborated with Derrek Lemore, J Splinter, Wolf Alexander, and Andy Mary Jane. He is telling different stories of the different artists through this music, and for this, he has connected with those artists on social media. Moreover, this project allowed these artists to carry on their passion for making songs during the Pandemic.

Road to the take-off is an official recreation of DrexxBeat’s first SoundCloud music. He used psychedelic and ambient moods to give a spacey touch to the album music.   

Final Words

The album The Take Off is the start of young DrexxBeat’s career. He has and is working hard to achieve his goals. He is a talented music producer with exquisite taste providing mind soothing and delightful beats and tone in his songs. You can find his tracks on Apple Music. Play his songs, close your eyes, and enjoy. Do one more thing: follow him on Instagram and support his work.

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