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Durgesh Singh Kushwah: An Influential Author, Entrepreneur, And Cyber Security Consultant



Given the fact that India is home to many IT Companies and serves the operational needs of various global Companies, this lack of qualified cybersecurity professional can be catastrophic in the long term. There is an urgent need to reconsider the strategy and resolve the discrepancies in the demand and supply of cybersecurity professionals. FGS Private limited is such a Company in the field of cybersecurity, web development, app development and all other digital services that are global and have expertise in these sectors.

Durgesh Singh Kushwah Wrote book on cybersecurity topics. First book is” Advance Black Hat
Technology” and Second one is ” Dark Web: Exploring the unseen sides of the Internet”
available in most e- stores sites. Later on they decided to provide courses regarding cybersecurity.
How Protecting From Cybersecurity keeps your Business Healthy:
The benefits of cybersecurity have allowed Business and organization of all sizes to be protected against current Cyber threat. This can lead enterprises, financial, Business, Customer data to be gone in the blink of an eye.
When Youngsters of his age are seen partying and making merry, Durgesh Singh Kushwah is
busy enjoying Networking with the people on the Internet and transforming lives. ” The company you surround yourself with speaks a lot about your personality. Durgesh Singh Kushwa always wanted to become a successful entrepreneur. Connecting with people of similar mindset has been a key reason behind my prosperous growth as Durgesh Singh Kushwah get to learn an array of things from them,”he

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