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DvffleBvg Ruggv: Is On A Mission To Get His Music Heard



DvffleBvg Ruggv comes from the DMV area. He started rapping at the age of 13 years old. He was mostly to himself ,but would record music with some high school friends. Tired of free styling and not being able to hear what he had created, he decided to make his own makeshift at home studio. He grabbed a karaoke microphone that he found in a closet and an old dell computer and started recording. After that at 13 years old he taught himself to mix and master his songs and in 2019 his mother Dee Hyppolite started a record label called “Paper Chaser Association” which had motivated him even more! 

This artist sees nothing, but the future and the bigger picture ahead. He moves and pushes forward and keeps on succeeding in everything he does. His musical Influences include artists such as Lil Boosie, Bezz Believe, Kevin Gates, Fat Trel, Drake and many other artists in the industry.

His first single “Paid” was released on all streaming outlets in August of 2019 which has a visual on YouTube and is also on world star hip hop. He also has a visual on “Opp Shoppin” on YouTube as well. DvffleBvg Ruggv didn’t stop there, in 2020 his single Addy was released in March on all streaming platforms. Now in 2021 he is still working. His two key projects he is now working on are 2 Ep’s, “We only count hunnit’s” featuring Indo Glixk and “Trustee’s Traphouse”. Follow him to keep up, he will be constantly flooding the internet with endless music.

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