From making a few memes to getting a good laugh out of his friends to getting into full-on filmmaking for the online world, Dylan Saeng has done it all in life. A funny guy who knows how to create content, Dylan Saeng is your next Instagram celebrity to follow.

With his brilliant content, Dylan Saeng has built a great fan following. Being reposted by celebrities many like Will Smith, Da baby and Drake instantly made Dylan Saeng an overnight Instagram sensation. His content is not only brilliant but is outright funny. Being funny and making people laugh is an art, and Dylan Saeng seems good at this. And he is getting better at this.

26-year-old Dylan Saeng hails from a small city named Lawrence, Massachusetts, and his humble surroundings contributed a lot to the person he has become today. Being funny and good at content creation came naturally from the beginning for Dylan Saeng. He dropped out from Lawrence High to graduate faster and take online classes to attend his dream school UML as a pre-med student.

Dylan Saeng started by posting memes on Instagram and sending those to his friends. After getting appreciated, he slowly began making short films and built a loyal fan following. He got reposted by Da baby, and then everything just changed. He got new followers, and his content just got bigger.

With personal growth, he is now more confident than ever and looks to bring full entertainment to his fans through his content. Well, memes made him famous, and he now regularly hangs with Da baby and Drake, which is just amazing. A self-made Instagram celebrity, Dylan Saeng, looks to sell limited merch on his content and start an Instagram series and YouTube content series for his fans.

Dylan Saeng wants to become a renowned name in content making. One of his long-term goals is to become a full Khmer celebrity. We can expect some unique, hilarious content from this brilliant content creator in the future.

Follow him now for his fun content only at:

Instagram – @rawhoneywithDylan