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Troy Adashun, a world renowned athlete and entrepreneur, was our interview subject for the supplement powerhouse Alpha Lion. Through training and athletics, he helps other athletes and professionals reach their goals. With Alpha Lion’s products, athletes have been able to make amazing strides and grow since using them, which has resulted in them being called ‘Super Human.'” I was fascinated by Troy’s creative journey during our conversation, as he managed to run an eight-figure e-commerce business while simultaneously promoting his YouTube channel, which contains a tremendous amount of valuable content which will help athletes and bodybuilders grow in a short period of time.

Many entrepreneurs take the plunge into business, and it is also true that there are a number of athletes who attempt to reach the same goal, but fail in the process. Troy has accomplished so much because of his hard work and dedication, and I am inspired to see what he has achieved as a result of so much hard work and determination.

 When did you first find a passion for fitness?

I started getting into lifting weights while playing basketball in highschool and college and became addicted to the feeling of being able to improve your performance and the way you looked in the mirror through fitness.

How inspiring is it for you to know you are an Elite Trainer?

It feels amazing. Looking better in the mirror is a selfish goal, so instead I always tell myself that the better I look and the harder I work the more people I can inspire on their fitness journey. Being considered “elite” at anything doesn’t happen overnight, and it’s a testament to hard work and perseverance. 

          Who is the coolest person or company you have worked with over your   career?

The coolest company I have worked with over my career is Alpha Lion, the company I co-founded. We have over 40 employees all over the world and it’s an incredible team that shares 1 common goal of helping more people win the day & accomplish their goals in and out of the gym. 

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