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Emma Roberts and Kim Kardashian A New Ensemble in ‘American Horror Story Delicate’



Emma Roberts and Kim Kardashian Star in American Horror Story

The twelfth season of “American Horror Story,” dubbed “Delicate,” emanates a vibe akin to the iconic horror film “Rosemary’s Baby,” embarking on a pathway less traveled by its predecessors. Instead of overwhelming its audience with the customary gore and sadism, the latest season on FX takes a different route, offering more nuance in its narrative, a reflection of a new creative touch in adapting a novel to the screen.

Emma Roberts Shines through Anna Alcott’s Vulnerability

Emma Roberts graces the screen as Anna Alcott, a burgeoning movie star grappling with infertility, the weight of which casts a shadow over her flourishing career. Despite her husband Dex’s (Matt Czuchry) comforting remarks, Anna’s life spirals into a bizarre whirlwind post her IVF treatment. The writing subtly unveils layers to Anna’s character and her complex relationships, particularly shedding light on Dex’s mysterious past.

An Uncommon Touch of Realism and Mystery

“Delicate” tactfully drifts through a fog of mystery, engaging the audience as they decode the enigma surrounding a shadowy woman stalking Anna. The sequences are paced in a manner allowing the situation to simmer, contrasting from the usual rushed narratives synonymous with “American Horror Story.”

Kim Kardashian Makes a Plausible Entry

Kim Kardashian’s casting as Anna’s publicist and friend showcases a blend of reality with fiction. Though a newcomer to the acting realm, Kardashian resonates a believable aura, primarily since her on-screen persona is closely related to her real-life experience in the public eye.

Treading Uncharted Terrains of Horror

Departing from the supernatural and venturing into a more conventional yet eerie narrative, “Delicate” attempts to capture the essence of everyday horrors. It explores the intrinsic fear tied to personal vulnerabilities and the unknown, striking a chord that resonates beyond the superficial scares of the past seasons.

The Unfamiliar Allure of ‘Delicate’

Despite a different flavor, “Delicate” intrigues the audience, managing to maintain the inexplainable allure that “American Horror Story” has harbored over the years. The eerie and nuanced narrative entices the viewers to traverse this new horrifying yet captivating journey.