In a world rife with mental health challenges, there emerges a beacon of hope: Emma Ruiz. With a decade of experience in the field, Emma is at the forefront of a holistic and groundbreaking approach to mental wellness that sets her apart. 

A leading mental health expert and renowned Gestalt therapist, Emma’s own narrative is a testament to self-discovery and an inspiration to many navigating their own healing journeys.

The therapeutic methodology Emma Ruiz employs isn’t your standard counseling approach: 

She says, “My approach combines my own unique expertise from a holistic lens. I work to treat the whole individual, factoring in lifestyle elements such as lifestyle, diet, supplements, exercise, breathing, meditation, mindfulness practices, being in contact with nature, and even sunlight exposure.”

Her voracious appetite for knowledge ensures she remains at the cutting edge of scientific discoveries tied to body and mind integration—all to provide her clients with the best care possible.

One of Emma’s most cherished aspirations has been to create retreats providing a nurturing space for individuals to embark on their personal journeys. 

This dream has now come to fruition with her upcoming retreat, “Thrive! A Transformational Retreat by Emma Ruiz.” 

Scheduled to kick off on July 16 in Portugal, this week-long experience promises an immersion into all of Emma’s expertise.

Emma adds, “Participants will journey from overwhelm to peace, low self-esteem to self-acknowledgement, stress to alignment, lack to gratitude, and pain to healing.”

Highlights of the retreat include group sessions, coaching with horses, art therapy, and full body massages—all set in a beautiful, restored luxury farm in Portugal.

A Barcelona native, Emma’s path to becoming a wellness guru started at an early age. The eldest of four siblings, her journey of self-exploration and healing began with her feelings of abandonment and jealousy towards her younger sister. 

Emma was the eldest of 4, and when she was only 17 months old, her sister was born.  Logically, her Mom could not give Emma the attention she yearned for any longer.  This resulted in Emma feeling abandoned and with an embedded resentment and jealousy towards her sister that persisted for years. 

As a baby, Emma could not rationalize what had happened. She simply felt like someone else had taken her place. That was the beginning of Emma’s story, and stories matter: they shape who we are.

These feelings would later provide Emma with a deep understanding of the power and influence of personal narratives, the foundation of her transformative and signature healing process.

Throughout her youth, Emma exhibited an insatiable curiosity for wellness and self-improvement. Her early fascination with product labels hinted at a future nutritionist, while her affinity for self-help and spiritual development literature pointed to her eventual profession as a mental health expert.

Despite being an honors student with a reputation for strength and determination, Emma recognized that her self-esteem and self-awareness needed nurturing. This epiphany led her down various avenues of self-discovery, including spiritual groups and wellness retreats, ultimately culminating in her encounter with a Gestalt therapist that would change her life’s trajectory.

Three months into her therapy, she discovered her passion and true calling. She ended her second marriage, trained as a Gestalt therapist, committed to intensive therapy, and embarked on her mission of guiding others on their path to self-discovery.

As they say, the rest is history. Emma is making her mark for clients from around the world.

One of her clients, Evan, says, “I had a terrible dose of perfectionism, sleeping problems, imposter syndrome and never felt good enough. Working with Emma has allowed me to see my value and worth. I was always downplaying my achievements.  Now, I can say I’m proud of them.”

The essence of Emma Ruiz’s approach to mental health is summed up in a quote often attributed to Albert Einstein: 

“Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.” 

This principle underpins Emma’s work and her retreats, challenging participants to dare to try something different as they commit to their wellness journey.

There are few opportunities in the world for this unique type of transformative retreat, which is a special opportunity for those willing to invest in themselves and their mental health. 

Emma Ruiz invites you to partake in this life-altering experience, embracing a different approach to mental wellness and stepping into a journey of profound healing and self-discovery. 

Emma says, “If you want to see changes, you can’t continue doing the same things.”

Will you take the leap?

To connect with Emma or learn more about her retreat, visit her website.