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Emsee Song Review “Thrills”



Young musician Emsee, who has Houston roots and is influenced by the lyrical styles of both West Coast and East Coast rappers, is fundamentally a southerner. His music strikes a unique mix between old-school and new-school elements to forge a distinctive sound. 1st September of this year, Emsee released his first complete album, Limbo, with eight songs.

His music video for the song “Damn” from the album Limbo came out earlier. Another music video, “Thrills”, from the well-received album is now available on YouTube to expand the album’s popularity to a new height.

It is directed by Matt Rush and produced by Triggahappymusic, Wellington Armelin & Emsee himself. “Thrills” is a great two-and-a-half-minute song that Celestial Sound Music Group put out.

“Thrills” is a rap marvel that shows off its status as an anthem and lets listeners get completely lost in its catchy hooks and explosive instrumentation. The song is about how a character can feel numb or uncertain even though they are in a happy place. It has an eerily fun tone to it. Even though the lyrics are dark, the song tells listeners to deal with a challenging situation as best they can and look into the strange happiness that comes from emotional pain.

The lyrics match perfectly with the mighty voice of Emsee, and every movement resonates brilliantly with the rap beat arrangements and the background melody. “Thrills” is set to make its mark on the music scene. It has all the ingredients for success.

Emsee eagerly grows and changes, learning from the rap classics that came before him and getting ideas from today’s young artists. He adds to his tower of lyrical excellence and gets better at more things as he does this.

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