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English Veronika Launches her course “English 360°” This Coming November



English Veronika has made a name for herself on social media through her English content on TikTok. This 29-year-old educational content creator from Toronto has created a collective community of over 2 million English students.

Veronika Ivanova was Born in Russia in 1993, she’s been working in education for 9 years and has a Bachelor’s degree in teaching English.

Before the pandemic, Veronika was working in person in one of the biggest language schools in Canada. Once the pandemic hit all teachers lost hours and she was no exception. From working 8 hours a day to only 3, boredom lead to the discovery of TikTok. With nothing but time on her hands she began posting videos with the purpose to explain complex English topics in a simple way.

Her first few videos weren’t much of a hit but her students liked them because they got 2 hour lessons in 30 seconds. Everything changed when her 4th video got 50k views and she realized she was onto something. Three months later she had a viral video with 2.5 million views; flooding her inbox with hundreds of requests for private tutoring.

With too many students to teach individually, she began online group classes to help as many people as possible. Now working on online courses to help her students revise complex grammar topics that students struggle with most and learn phrases and expressions that native speakers use day to day. Veronika’s new course “English 360°” opens enrollment on November 1st to kickstart your language leaning for English.
English Veronika demonstrates that it is never late to start learning English and with the right tools and guidance nothing is impossible.

Through all of her accomplishments thus far, Veronika is an inspiring woman we all could learn from.

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