Entrepreneur Tom Lelyo has made a name for himself as a private jet salesman, having brokered nearly 100 sales transactions for private jets, totaling over $20 million in gross sales. Lelyo is the President of Jet Life Aero LLC, where he helps buyers and sellers find each other.

Lelyo’s success in this highly competitive field is a testament to his tenacious work ethic, expertise, and commitment to providing value to his clients. He spends a significant amount of time researching the jets he sells to provide his customers with an educated consultation. Lelyo understands that choosing the right jet is critical and ensures that he prioritizes his client’s needs and goals above his financial gain. This commitment leads not only to satisfied customers but also to a higher likelihood of repeat business in the future.

Calm and Charismatic

One of the reasons why Lelyo is so successful is his ability to put his clients at ease. A $4,000,000 purchase requires confidence, and Lelyo’s clients feel comfortable working with him. He is a pleasure to work with, and his laid-back demeanor and love of life make him an ideal partner for anyone interested in purchasing a private jet.

Lelyo’s clients are extremely satisfied with the service they receive from him. His website, Jet Life with Tom, has over 1,000 satisfied clients and a 4.5-star rating. Clients rave about his ability to find a jet that meets their specifications and his wealth of knowledge regarding a jet’s value. Lelyo’s ultimate goal is to provide value to his clients by getting them the results they want through Honesty, Transparency, Education, Positivity, and Resilience. His impressive track record has helped him build a solid client base, receive numerous referrals, and become well-known within the industry.

Before The Jets…

Before becoming a private jet salesman, Lelyo was a father and youth pastor who was deeply committed to helping others discover their meaning and purpose in life through his faith. He found himself searching for the next step in his professional life and saw the opportunity to sell million-dollar jets as a Godsend for him and his family. Lelyo’s rapid rise to the top of his field has been due to his hard work, dedication, and charisma.

Lelyo believes that getting his clients the results they want should be the number one goal of anyone with a career in sales. His approach has led him to close over 100 private jet sales and exceed his client’s expectations in the last three years. This impressive track record has helped him receive repeat business and solid referrals.

Wrapping It Up

Tom Lelyo is an entrepreneur and private jet salesman who has achieved remarkable success in his field. His expertise, dedication, and commitment to providing value to his clients have made him a trusted partner for anyone interested in purchasing a private jet. If you are interested in buying or selling a jet, you can contact Lelyo through his website, Jet Life with Tom. You can also find him on YouTube and Instagram to learn more about his approach to sales and his passion for helping others.

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