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Era: A Solo Artist Who Will Not Give Up On Herself Or Her Music



Christine Rowe, better known by her artist name Era Era is an emerging talent hailing from Lexington, Kentucky. She used to be in a collaborative R&B rap group for 8 years with her sister. They both had to put that dream on hold due to real life obstacles. Recently within the last few months Christine decided to take a leap of faith and pursue music on her own and become a solo artist. Music has been Christine’s passion for years. She says “Your gift will haunt you if not used”. She would not let go of music this go round.

Christine comes alive on stage when she’s performing. Her musical talent is unmatched and I’m sure 2021 will be an amazing year for this artist. Christine learned about her love for music while growing up in the church and also while being in a musically inclined family. Her goal was to be an all around, versatile artist. An artist who can deliver on any type of track. Her mothers favorite artists soon became her own personal idols.

 Her mom loved to listen to Lauryn Hill, Erykah Badu, Outkast and many other talented acts.These artists were pioneered who changed the industry forever. Christine would love to learn how to produce this coming year along with learning how to direct videos and film as well. She is always ready to pick up more tricks of the trade to learn more about the entertainment business. You may have had a chance to hear Christine doing backup vocals for Young Jeezy on his “Monster” mixtape and she also acted in the movie “Choices” as an extra for Three 6 Mafia. She has also been featured on a record called “Da South” with Highway Yella of Swishahouse. She is clearly very talented and does not go unnoticed what so ever. When you hear her music you will want to hear more.


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