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Eric Castellano Shares Tips As a TikTok Content Creator



TikTok is the top 3 most popular social media platforms around the world. Although this platform was made for entertainment purposes, now it has become a place to share information as well. Eric Castellano is a TikTok content creator with many years of experience. He is a famous influencer who posts a lot of content related to life and business.

Eric Castellano is the CEO of AmazonLit, a consulting agency. He has been working in the field of the e-commerce industry for 8 years. He manages 50+ employees and has sold over 50 million in sales in a year. Eric’s success comes from his dedication and passion for business. He began as a teen and eventually became a 8+ figure Amazon seller. 

Influencer Eric engages his followers in interesting content that inspires them to work hard for their goals as well. His TikTok content is popular in the community for his business and life advice. As an experienced content creator, Eric has many tips that beginners can learn to become famous on TikTok as well.

Here are some of the tips:

1. Focus on one niche

In a digital world where there are thousands of niches that people can pursue based on their interests, you have to focus on only one niche that defines your character. Beginner content creators tend to promote in 10 different niches which confuses them and they lose the authenticity of their content.

Eric advises content creators to make content in one niche that defines your brand so that you gain a loyal audience.

2. Do Your Research

Research is the basic step before beginning any content creation. Research means you have to analyze the latest trends and different techniques adopted by other creators. This gives you ideas to make your own content and how you can add creativity into already existing trends to gain an audience. 

Eric says research improves the quality of your content, and you become more focused on making the right content that represents your brand well.

3. Use Hashtags

Hashtags are an important part of social media networking. People are able to discover new content on TikTok. When posting a video, make sure that you post the right hashtags that come under the niche. 

Eric is positive that you can gain popularity and audience quicker if you use hashtags. You do not need to invent a new hashtag, you can always use the common ones that most people follow.

4. Promote on Other Platforms

Although TikTok promotes your content on the app, you still need to promote it yourself by posting it on other platforms. TikTok gives the function of reposting and sharing the videos on other social media apps so that your followers can watch them on the platform.

Based on Eric’s experience, if you have a good following on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram, you can promote your TikTok there and gain an audience. 


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