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Eva Constance Presumes You Don’t Have the “Energy” to Handle Her in Her Latest Catchy Single



Chanteuse Green who goes professionally as Eva Constance, is a promising singer who will turn many heads with her evolutionary style of modern pop. Backed by her voice which holds so much effortless power in expression as she showcases that innate charisma and dedicated persistency to make a name for herself in the music industry – one song at a time. There is a way her vocal performance takes you back to the nostalgic R&B eras where the likes of Mariah Carey were killing it back to back with some of the music that has always withstood the test of time and remains fashionable to date. So prepare yourself to add on to your emerging favorites the name Eva Constance for she will most definitely leave an indelible impression on you with her musicality.

Riding on that wave of momentum her 2021 single, “Forget Me” created, she is back like she never left with an affecting anthem dubbed “Energy.” This is a purely fascinating and engaging body of work that is very infectious with the catchy chorus delivered in her powerful feminine and sultry voice, transforming those easily quotable lines into an addicting anthem. 

This is the feel-good type of track that invites you to sing along and as you prepare yourself to join in the singing, “B*tch you can’t handle me, do you have the energy…” you also get to dance like no one’s watching as this is those type of tracks you simply cannot listen to without wanting to get up and dance.

I genuinely love her charisma and stage presence, as showcased in the accompanying high-standard visual stunner that is the official music video for this track. She is the star of this show, and she does not disappoint, embellishing the video with her powerful dance moves and her beautiful presence in those different eye-catching scenes!

This is a straight hit and an easy recommendation, and I’m beyond doubt that listeners and viewers will fall in love with it as I did. With tracks like this, the music world has been put on high alert that Eva Constance is making a grand entrance, and there is no stopping her momentum – you simply cannot handle her!

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