Hollywood actress Eva Longoria, renowned for her role in “Desperate Housewives,” is making headlines in the sports world with her latest endeavor. Longoria has officially announced the formation of her US padel team, ElevenElevenTeamUSA, set to compete in the 2024 Hexagon Cup in Madrid. This move places her among prominent sports figures like Rafael Nadal and Andy Murray, who have also embraced the rapidly growing sport of padel.

Padel: A Sport Rising in Popularity

Padel, often described as a hybrid of tennis and squash, is gaining traction globally for its unique blend of action, strategy, and accessibility. The sport is played on a smaller court than tennis, surrounded by glass and metallic mesh walls. With rules and scoring similar to tennis, padel distinguishes itself with underarm serves and the allowance of wall rebounds, making it an engaging and strategic game.

Longoria’s Passion for Padel

An avid fan of Padel, Longoria’s involvement goes beyond mere investment. She has frequently showcased her skills on social media, sharing her love for the game with her millions of followers. Her participation in the Hexagon Cup is a testament to her commitment to the sport and its growth on an international scale.

The Hexagon Cup: A Fusion of Talent

The Hexagon Cup stands out for its inclusive approach, featuring male, female, and next-gen players on equal footing. Longoria’s excitement for the event is palpable, as she looks forward to contributing to its diverse and competitive nature. With a prize fund of approximately £890,000, the tournament promises to be a significant event in the Padel calendar.

A Diverse Portfolio in Sports

Longoria’s foray into padel is part of a broader investment strategy in sports. Her portfolio includes stakes in NWSL side Angel City FC, Liga MX outfit Necaxa FC, and a pickleball team. Her involvement in sports reflects a dedication to promoting diverse athletic endeavors and supporting growth in various arenas.

Eva Longoria’s venture into the world of padel with ElevenElevenTeamUSA marks an exciting development in the sport. As Padel continues to gain popularity, figures like Longoria play a crucial role in bringing the game to new audiences and elevating its status on the global sports stage. The Hexagon Cup in 2024 will be a significant milestone in this journey, showcasing talent from various spheres and promoting inclusivity in competitive sports.