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Eve Announces She’s Leaving ‘The Talk’ — Here’s Why



Eve announced on Monday that she is leaving The Talk after four seasons.

The 41-year-old rapper said she was leaving the CBS daytime talk show at the end of December, noting that she can’t host the show from London, England, where she and her husband, Maximillion Cooper, are currently based and that she can’t travel. She did note how much she loved her fellow co-hosts — Sharon Osbourne, Sheryl Underwood and Carrie Ann Inaba — and that it was “true love” between them.

Eve was announced as a co-host on The Talk in November 2017 following Aisha Tyler’s departure. Eve’s departure isn’t the first major shake-up on The Talk in recent months. In September, Marie Osmond announced she was leavingthe show after just one season.

Meanwhile, Eve opened up about being in an interracial relationship on an episode of Uncensored on TV One in September. She said she had “beautiful” discussions not only with her husband, but with her four stepchildren about race. Watch the video below for more.

Eve on Her ‘Beautiful’ Discussions About Race With Her Stepchildren (Exclusive)


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Brendash Weddings Company is Bringing a New approach via Film Productions based on healing sound techniques



Brendash Weddings Company

Filmmaking and photography are the modern era’s next-level arts. Fine filmmaking and dazzling photography have managed to stun people from the beginning. With its growing power, no doubt it has been properly studied and taught at well-known institutions. There are millions of artists in today’s era who are displaying their art through these two artistic methods. Many of them even surprised everyone with their new techniques in these fields. If you ask, a true artist is the one who delivers something new in his or her art field. In this article, we are going to talk about an artist who brought a new approach to both photography and filmmaking in order to show that we all are one and bring love to humanity.

Brendash Weddings Company was formed in 2018 in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, by Brenda Valdovinos, having 70% impact from financial profits in their first 12 months. This firm specializes in wedding photography and videography coverage all over the world. Brendash Weddings is committed to handcrafting photographs and Films that will uphold memories for all time. Brendash Weddings’ skilled artists will work very closely with you to make sure that every smile, laugh, and kiss is perfectly captured on your wedding day. Brendash Weddings offer service to all kind of clients no matter their sexual orientation, religious or social status, offering packages of Photo and Film  that goes from high, medium and mass quality.

Founder Brenda Valdovinos 

Is a Mexican multi talented artist in creative photography, artistic filmmaking, music production and committed entrepreneurship. She has a history of working with amazing personalities, stunning them with her work. Nowadays, she is running her own company named “Brendash Weddings” successfully bringing a new and unique manner of filmmaking to the table that not only records your special day into a beautiful film but also makes it a source of providing happy and energetic vibes through the sound healing frequencies used in the film. Brenda named these projects “Starseeds.” Based on a well known scientist who claims that the human body is only 5% mass, 95% energy, as humans our mission is to learn how to manipulate energy, Brenda Valdovinos encourages all her clients to focus on love. 

New Film Technique  “Starseeds” by Brendash Weddings

Besides the creative filmmaking, “Starseeds” is a project announced by the Brendash Wedding Company that offers what other wedding films lack. The idea is to provide spiritual healing and energy through the creative use of frequencies on the Films. How? By sound healing using vibrations like gongs, Tibetan singing bowls and tuning forks in order to relax your mind and body to target the chakra points with appropriate sound frequencies in order viewers return into a state of love and wellbeing. Brendash Weddings Company uses different sound frequencies of 369 Hz, 528 Hz, 432 Hz, and 639 Hz to improve the energy and provide healing to the physical body. For example, the 639 Hz frequency increases communication, affection, understanding, and harmony in personal relationships, as well as emotional balance and mood uplift.

Photo of chakra points from a viewer before and after watching the Film production. 


Brenda Valdovinos, is proving herself as a true symbol of beauty, brains, and women’s empowerment. She is a spiritual and strong personality who wishes for the best of her clients. Brenda Valdovinos is making history in the history of filmmaking by bringing more than just entertainment via her filmmaking project “Starseeds”. You can also become a part of it and enjoy the lovely productions that Brendash Weddings offer to their clients. You can contact the company online through their website  Moreover, if you want to check out the sample videos, you can watch them on “Brendash Weddings” YouTube channel and instagram @brendashweddings.

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Brazilian enters the list of the 10 most famous psychic’s in history




Famous and never forgotten Psychic’s of history cite Brazilian in their current list

1- Nostradamus

Throughout the history of mankind was Nostradamus, whose real name is Michel de Nôtre-Dame or Miquèl de Nostradama, was born on December 14, 1503 and died on July 2, 1566 considered the most famous seer ever commenting. This French character of Jewish origin was a doctor and astrological consultant, whose prophetic work entitled “The true centuries and astrological prophecies”, was the subject of many controversies in his day, being classified as a fraud, while many others idolized him for his supposed successes.

2- Kassandra

Na mitologia grega, Cassandra era sacerdotisa de Apolo e chegou a um acordo com ele para lhe conceder o dom de profecia em troca de um encontro carnal com ele.

Cassandra recebeu o presente, mas ela recusou sua parte no acordo. Ele rejeitou o deus e ele, furioso com sua traição, cuspiu em sua boca. Isso significava que ela mantinha seu dom de profetisa, mas depois disso, ninguém mais acreditaria nela.

3- Criswell

Seer and futurologist who began surprisingly: he worked as a meteorologist on television and one day could not remember, live, the predictions he had read for the next day; He had to improvise a prediction and got it right.

From that day on, he just gave his predictions that way, improvising, getting far more successes than orthodox meteorologists. He accurately predicted Kennedy’s death in 1963.

4- Madame Lenormand

Napoleon’s seer. Madame Gilbert taught him the divinatory techniques of etteilla’s tarot. So he set up his own psychic’s office.

In this place, he met three famous people of the French Revolution: Marat, Robespierre and Saint Just, to whom he predicted a violent death. This fact led the authorities to suspect her and she was arrested.

5- Joan Quigley

President Ronald Reagan’s private astrologer. This man would reveal in his memoirs that most of the transcendent decisions he made were made according to the astrologer, who always sought to see if the alignment of the planets was correct.

Before the scandal that this revelation supposed, Nancy Reagan, two years later, denied that it would have been so, taking the figure out of Joan.

But Quigley said the press conferences, as well as the presidential plane’s takeoff hours and many other details of the protocol, were set according to the predictions of the stars he consulted.

6- Rasputin

The truth is that the child, after passing through the hands of the “mad monk”, improved significantly and, from then on, Rasputin (Grigori Yefímovich) would be an important part of the tsar’s palaces. He went so far as to appoint senior government officials. A palatial conspiracy of several nobles ended his life, but killing him was too complicated.

They poisoned him, but he didn’t fall. Then he was shot, but he got up and ran away, terrorizing his killers, who had no idea that a man with too much poison in his stomach and several bullets in his body could keep walking. Finally, they captured him and threw him into the Neva River in St. Petersburg. They were not completely convinced of his death.

7- Edgar Cayce

American seer who possessed the ability to answer questions on different topics after entering a state of hypnotic trance.

These answers were known as “life readings” and he made them while in a state of hypnosis. When answering, I imagined the state of health of the person who asked the questions.

8- Rappel

He is the most famous Spanish psychic of all time. It’s been imitated and it’s still being remembered. Actually, his name is Rafael Payá Pinilla.

In the Franco era, thanks to his supposed skills as a seer, he made many useful contacts that would later serve him to appear on television and participate in the horoscopes of magazines and newspapers.

In the 1980s, Rappel appeared almost daily on a television or radio show. He is also a designer and entrepreneur. For ten years, he was head of public relations at the Florida Park nightclub in Madrid.

9- Baba Vanga

Bulgara, Baba Vanga went blind at the age of 12 after an accident, the seer spent most of her life in the Rupite area of bulgaria’s Kozhuh Mountains. It was there where he often gave advice to the neighbors and residents who came to look for him.

Despite much speculation and lack of evidence, she became famous for several events she supposedly predicted.

He made prophecies that were not understood in his time, making him look crazy, though many of his contemporaries believed what they said. Considered by many to be the last healer and mystic, she died in 1996.

10- Athos Salomé

Athos Salomé is the youngest among the members of this list, he is 35 years old and was born in Claudio, a small town in Minas Gerais.

Athos is like a point outside the curve. He does a style quite different from what one usually sees when talking about mystics. No fancy clothes or robes, nothing too colorful. Don’t think he does the dark style either.

In general, the psychic seems to like to keep a normal and discreet look in line with fashion, of which he understands, since he was once a model scouter. But the question of style does not stop with looks. Athos, who is a parapsychologist and adept of the Kabbalah, has recently been compared to the great seer Nostradamus, partly because of his successes, but also because of the symbolic style he uses in his predictions.

Among Athos Salome’s predictions was a pandemic of COVID-19. The paranormal man would have made his first prediction about the virus as early as 2012, 8 years in advance.
Is said to have predicted and anticipated the date when Ukraine began to be invaded by Russia, registered by several portals on March 30, 2021.

On January 10th, 2022, practically 44 days before the start of the war in Ukraine, Athos Salomé posted the predicion with the exact date on his Instagram.

The accuracy of the number of 44 days between the post and the beginning of the invasion of Ukraine by Russia does not seem a mere coincidence; It does not seem an absurd to compare this speech already written here to those made by The President Vladimir Putin and his policies.

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bruna rubio official image

GOLDHEART Productions is a creative TV, Film, and new media production company that
believes in and supports gender and minority equality.
Founded by Bruna Rubio, an empowered, talented and inspiring Latina woman who, with her
hard work, has managed to open many doors in the great Hollywood industry.

From an early age, Bruna demonstrated a passion and talent for acting. She was born in Spain,
where she got her first job in television commercials. At the age of 20, she worked as an actor
in the renowned program Cruz y Raya.

There, she realized that she wanted her work to be recognized beyond the Spanish border, so she moved to the United States, where she continued her successful career in Miami and Los Angeles.

The United States has become her second home and has given her the opportunity to continue her acting career and explore other fields in the world of entertainment, but this time, behind the scenes as a producer and writer.

Bruna’s passion for the cinema and her desire to get ahead as a woman in the Hollywood
industry have motivated her to open her own production house, where projects such as “El
Tigre Callejero”, “Las Parcas”, “Nevaeh”, “Brutum Fulmen”, and “Vampiras”, among others,
have become a reality and have been recognized and applauded in different festivals around
the world.

“Las Parcas” and “Vampiras”were filmed as short films and have been very well received by
audiences at festivals and by investors who are interested in making them feature lengths. The
two stories have as protagonists women who come from a mythological and fantastic world to
do justice on earth.
“Nevaeh” is a psychological thriller that explores, in an exciting and unique narrative, what a
woman is willing to do to protect the most precious thing in her life, her daughter Nevaeh.

“Brutum Fulmen” is the story of a woman who struggles to keep her spirit alive in a
transcendent dimension far away from the pain and the abuse of her husband.
These four projects, with women as protagonists in front of and behind the camera, show the
desire of GoldHeart Productions to end the discrimination and the rejection of minorities in the
industry by supporting diversity in the selection of talent and production crews from all over the

Beyond being a persona in cinema, Bruna wants to be part of the cultural change that is
happening in Hollywood by sharing her experience, her professionalism and her
“GOLDHEART” with people in the world of film.

With offices in Madrid and Ciudad de Mexico and a studio in Los Angeles, the heart of
Hollywood, Goldheart Productions offers these venues to all who want their stories told.
Visit their website to get more information at and follow them
on Instagram @goldheartproductions and @brunarubio.

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