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Evelin Mercedes, the ravishing, talented music writer with a divine soul.



Evelin Mercedes a beautiful, talented music writer with a divine soul.

*_Writing about music is like dancing about architecture and exploring the world with rhythm and harmony._*

Evelin and The Big Apple 

Raised In New York, Evelin was always fascinated and astounded by music and poetry. Her inclination towards art paved the way and evoked a burning passion for becoming an extraordinary writer and showcasing the world. To pursue her music career, Evelin studied journalism in college, but she claims that the module and curriculum didn’t quite excite or teach her everything. 

Music Dynamics 

The whole dynamics of journalism were immensely inclined towards media and news. So to dexter in music and songwriting, Evelin started writing music blogs and looked for opportunities to work part-time and develop her skills. She even got into concert photography and also worked as a promotions assistant in radio. Diversifying and exploring different music branches helped Evelin gain experience and finessed her ardor into a full-fledged career.

 She absorbed everything she could from these jobs and internships and later implemented her knowledge to start her venture. Her critical leadership skills and ambition catered to the growth of her music startup. She partnered up with thousands of eminent and professional artists, published over 600+ posts, and collaborated with various small labels and productions in just one year.

Lights Camera Action 

While working as a concert photographer, Evelin captured and covered the concerts of NAS, Lauren Sanderson, Lil Skies, and many other artists. Her dreams were finally turning into a reality, and all the hard work and efforts were bearing the well-deserved fruit of success. 

She feels that this platform has given her a chance to channel her inner energy and power into a euphonious song and harmony. Her approachable demeanor and open personality made her help many booming artists and people with an aptitude for music achieve success. 

Bright Future 

On the journey of making a difference, helping local artists, redefining the industry, and writing her heart out, Evelin is eccentric and enjoying every moment of it. Her future endeavors and big projects show promise and will surely flourish and impact the industry.