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Exclusive Interview: JuggBaby Rx



JuggBaby Rx is a rising Fort Worth, Texas based artist who continues to impress with his music. He just dropped a hot new single titled “Next Season”, which is quickly gaining global attention. JuggBaby Rx says, “This project was born from a lack of people wanting to get paid and get off the lazy seen, next season will be better”.

The talented artist creates music to inspire those who don’t have the same mind set. He adds, “Look for no support until you put work in the game”. In an exclusive interview below JuggBaby Rx talks about his inspiration and plans for the future.

How long have you been making music?

For about 6 months now

What inspired your new release?

Everything I been through this year all the loses I took people I lost, so next season nothing to do but get some money

How would you describe your music?

I make all types of music drill music , pain music and money music. I like making songs like next season BUT my city rather hear about sliding and all that so I make drill music also

What skills are most useful in the music industry?

Knowing how to spend ya money right

What do you like most about being an artist?

People getting to hear what I’m saying because I don’t ever feel like I can get what I’m saying out right and have nobody understand me

What’s next for you in 2023?

Some money more money new money

Check out JuggBaby Rx’s new hit single “Next Season” now and make sure you follow him on social media for his latest releases. We expect big things from him in 2023!



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