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Exclusive Interview With Annette Phillip – The Dominican Writer In New York City!



Annette Phillip is originally from the Caribbean Island of Dominica, presently she lives in New York City which has been her home for almost twenty years. Ever since she was a little girl, she has been fond of  reading and writing.

Annette pursued her writing by penning down short stories during her childhood days.

We quote Annette in her own words.” I don’t know where the love for reading came from but I know I could not put down books growing up.”

She published her first novel in December  2021 called “Nola’s metamorphosis” which is a coming-of-age novel in the genre of YA novel 18-25 years. It is available on Amazon in Kindle and paperback format.

She is very happy and proud of her achievement and hopes this won’t be her last, as there are fountain of imaginative thoughts springing in her mind. She wishes to write many more novels and is extremely excited about it .

She  has also written a  Christmas short story called  “Santa, where are you?” It’s a fun adventure for the whole family. It’s available on Kindle. 

She has few more projects coming up in 2023. She is quite excited about it and can’t wait to share them with her readers.

Annette constantly shares lot of positive and optimistic stuff on social media. Although she battles depression like a warrior, she believes in goodness and is always busy spreading meaningful and positive affirmations. She is indeed an amazing author who has great ability to influence young minds with her optimistic attitude towards life.

1) When did you start writing?

I started writing since I was a little girl. I would write poems and short stories.

2) When was your first Novel published?

My first novel was published December 2021.

3) Do you wish  to inspire people through your writing or do you wish to write as a hobby?

I love writing as a hobby and at the same time inspiring people. I want upcoming writers to know that they can make their dream as an author a reality.

4) What inspires you to write?

I write on experiences. As an author and poet most of what I write is inspired by actual events. I think what I write everyone can gravitate to as its based on life experiences. Most of what I have written in my poems, and  my novel people can relate.

5) What was the whole idea behind penning down the novel “Nola Metamorphosis”

It was inspired by my life growing up in the Caribbean. I made it into a fictional novel because I wanted to tell it as a story to keep the readers interested.

6) Who are your favourite characters from your novel and why ? Apart from Nola.

My favorite characters from Nola are Rita her mom and her granny. They were two women who were very instrumental in Nola’s life and made a difference in the changes she made.

7) Who are your favourite writers?

I like Toni Morrison, V. C Andrews, Stephen King, Mary Monroe, Terry Mcmillan

8) Did you face issue in publishing or editing?

No I didn’t, I was  fortunate to work with a great illustrator that owns his company and works with editors, designers etc. This allowed me great access to also getting my books published.

9) Your book has a very strong message. You have blended both the erotic scenes and words of wisdom so well. Did you opt for any creativity writing course?

Actually I just finished a creative writing course and attained a certificate. It was however after Nola’s Metamorphosis was already out. I think I have a lot of imagination and writing comes naturally to me.

10) Certain people in Africa and Asia are still slightly orthodox, how did they react to you writing erotic stuff ?

I was pretty surprised to get positive responses from all over the world. I was a bit nervous how certain people would react to the erotic scenes. Being a Christian I was also not sure how it would seem for me doing erotic scenes but I had to make it realistic and I think a lot of people can relate after all we all been through life the good and the bad and I think people understood that, especially the book is told about a young woman growing up and transitioning.

11) Do you love poetry? It seemed to me via one of your FB post that you love poetry too.

I absolutely love poetry. This is where I started of my writing as a poet. I soon found out that I was a prolific writer after taking writing classes I realized I had the potential to expand on my writing in different genres. It proved that writing was a passion and a gift I had that was probably hidden for a while.

Let’s know you more (Fire round)

a) Your inspiration

I got my inspiration from my mother. She was very supportive of anything I  wanted to try out as a kid.

b) Any other hobbies apart from writing

I love listening to music and socializing.

c) Your favourite holiday spot

The beach

d) Your favourite book and film

One of my favorite books is

“A day late and a dollar shot.” by Terry McMillan. One of my favorite film is “The notebook.”

e) Your favourite singer


f) Your favourite actor

Leonardo DiCaprio

g) The person you love or trust the most.

My mother

h) what does life mean to you? If given a chance what would you like to change on this earth or add?

I love life and living. If I had to change anything I would make life more pleasant and happy for everyone especially those struggling without no hope or help. I would add homes so person’s that can’t afford or homeless would have a safe place for themselves and their families. Eradicate crime.

i) Any message to Indie authors or those who inspire to write.

Never give up on your dreams no matter how old you are. There are always doors open and now because of social media and networking it’s easier to access your  dreams of becoming a writer.

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