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Exclusive Interview With August 3x And His Experience With The Music World



How has your experience been performing in front of people?

It’s funny because growing up I was a shy person when it came to being in a crowd, I remember my first performance I was hyped but at the same time trying to figure out my stage presence and how I would get the crowd involved. Let’s just say it was my best but definitely a learning curve on what to do the next time, fast forward to where I’m at now and I’m very comfortable being in front of people when I perform now.

What cities have you already performed in?

Well, I have performed in North Carolina back in 2021, also I did a show/tour in Richmond with a good friend cam lo, and the rest of my shows has been in my local area of Virginia cities like Newport News, Virginia Beach, and also Chesapeake.

Do you have any upcoming events such as shows or new music?

My schedule right now is open for performances, I do have one show coming up on the 25th performing live at ODU campus in Norfolk Va. I’m also working on my mixtape After Hours part 1. That is a very anticipated work of art that I’m ready for the world to hear. I also did an interview with sohollywood the podcast which will air sometime next week. You can also catch that on Spotify and YouTube. There’s also my single that is scheduled to drop next week as well on the 28th of this month called slide and is my debut single for my upcoming mixtape

What is one thing about your music that separates you from a lot in your opinion?

I would have to say my sound and my accent combine together and it gives my music a different feel. Uou feel like your there with me as you hear my songs you can feel every word hitting you as if you were there with me going through it all.

Social sites

Instagram: @auugust3x
Twitter: @auugust3x

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